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Contemporary Issues in Social Marketing

Having celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2011, social marketing is increasingly accepted today as an effective behavioural change tool that can be used to change social behaviours, such as encouraging people to recycle more, make healthier eating choices, increase the amount of sunscreen used, and to use condoms to prevent disease...

Customer Relationship Management using Business Intelligence

This is an important text for all students and practitioners of Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It provides a comprehensive resource for understanding and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and BI solutions within the organisational context. It provides an in-depth coverage of all...

Marketing the SME

Prior to the recent global economic downturn, Ireland witnessed a decade of unprecedented economic growth. Almost overnight, the country’s labour base was transformed from one where decades-long emigration was the norm to a new and dynamic paradigm incorporating net in-migration. A significant element in Ireland’s economic transfor...

Names in the Economy

The economy has an increasingly powerful role in the contemporary global world. Academic scholars who study names have recognised this, and, as such, onomastic research has expanded from personal and place names towards names that reflect the new commercial culture. Companies are aware of the significance of naming. Brand, product ...

New Perspectives on Consumer Culture Theory and Research

In the post-socialist countries, the subject of consumption has not received sufficient attention from the perspective of Consumer Culture Theory. The opinion has long prevailed among the majority of social scientists from this region that consumer society and consumptive behaviour is a socially destructive phenomenon and one of th...

Public Communication in the European Union

This book is a collection of essays that analyse and discuss EU information and communication policies and activities towards, with, by different publics developed both by the EU institutions at the European, national and local levels and by public organizations and civil society actors. Throughout six thematic parts, the authors e...

Enhancing Customer Experience in the Service Industry

This book provides a new and definitive overview of customer experience and how it can be managed and enhanced in one of the most dynamic industries in the world—the service industry. Its highly qualified international team of contributors ensures that it adopts a global perspective, and clearly outlines the key theoretical perspec...

Journal of China Marketing Volume 6 (1)

This journal has been discontinued. Any issues are available to purchase separately....

Journal of China Marketing Volume 6 (2)

This journal has been discontinued. Any issues are available to purchase separately....

Marketing Study Guide

This comprehensive book is a core text that covers all areas of marketing. It is written in a straightforward style, and is intended for diploma and degree level students who are studying the subject for the first time.It gives guidance on how to study for exam success and extend knowledge by setting personal objectives and collect...

The Virtual World and Marketing

This collection of essays is dedicated to reviewing, exploring, and reporting state-of-the-art virtual world and marketing issues in the broadest sense. It provides a readable, non-technical publication which offers a comprehensive presentation of marketing issues, trends, data, and likely developments in the virtual world. Readers...

Interdiscursive Readings in Cultural Consumer Research

The cultural consumption research landscape of the 21st century is marked by an increasing cross-disciplinary fermentation. At the same time, cultural theory and analysis have been marked by successive ‘inter-’ turns, most notably with regard to the Big Four: multimodality (or intermodality), interdiscursivity, transmediality (or i...
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