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Agricultural Science

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Agrarian Crisis

India is among the fastest developing countries of the world. However, a major percentage of its population (60 to 70%) still depends on agriculture and its allied activities. Though many policies have been introduced to enhance its agriculture sector, it still faces a lot of challenges. In recent times the state of Andhra Pradesh,...

Compendium of Forage Technical Terms in English, French and Romanian

This compendium is an inventory of English, French and Romanian technical terms used in the field of forages (crop residue, grasses, herbaceous legumes, silage, and tree legumes). It contains terms related to plant biology (chemical properties, development, diseases, growth, metabolism, reproduction, and structure), plant physiolog...

Modernising Agrifood Chains in China

China faces major challenges in generating viable and inclusive agricultural and rural development. However, rapid economic growth provides new opportunities to meet the challenges. In particular, the development of higher value agrifood chains provides opportunities for rural households to increase their levels of specialisation, ...

Physiological and Anatomical Implications of Salinity on Rice as a Semi-Aquatic Species

Rice is a well-established salt-sensitive cereal crop and is the second most widely grown and consumed food crop worldwide. It is also a semi-aquatic cereal crop. The rice plant has many adaptations for surviving the aquatic environment, which include the development of specialised roots called adventitious roots, increase in aeren...

Reflecting Transformation in Post-socialist Rural Areas

The rural reforms in many post-soviet countries produced a number of unintended consequences. The reforms were guided by ideals of romanticized society of family farmers; they were to be the basis of the rural middle-class, together with owners of non-agricultural SME’s, acting as guardians of democracy and common good. The guidel...

Adoption of Tissue Culture in Horticulture

Society provides human, physical and cultural resources for the growth and development of science and technology. In turn, developments in science and technology influence society. As such, technology and society are obviously in a reciprocal relationship, and all social institutions are affected by technology. Understanding the in...

Towards Impact and Resilience

This book, consisting of 17 chapters, focuses on clarifying the challenges, issues, and priorities of Agricultural Education and Training (AET) in sub-Saharan Africa, and provides suggestions for practical solutions that can help guide organisations interested in furthering AET for agricultural development on the continent. It disc...

Recent Advances in Biofertilizers and Biofungicides (PGPR) for Sustainable Agriculture

Global concern over the demerits of chemicals in agriculture has diverted the attention of researchers towards using the potential of PGPR in agriculture. This book contains many useful and important research papers pertaining to the use of bio-fertilizers and bio-fungicides for sustainable agriculture.This volume is presented in a...

Cattle in Ancient and Modern Ireland

Cattle have been the mainstay of Irish farming since the Neolithic began in Ireland almost 6000 years ago. Cattle, and especially cows, have been important in the life experiences of most Irish people, directly and/or through legends such as the Táin Bó Cuailnge (The Cattle-raid of Cooley). In this book, diverse aspects of cattle i...

The Land Agent in Britain

Despite the fact that their archives survive in volume and depth across the country, relatively little is known about the fascinating and complex role of the land agent across time. For the very first time, this volume brings together historians, practitioners and representatives of the bodies overseeing the continuing professional...

Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society Volume Two

In two volumes, selected papers presented at the sixth AESOP conference on Sustainable Food Planning are brought together, representing the academic work of worldwide experts in the fields of food planning and urban agriculture. This volume, therefore, provides an overview of the latest, state-of-the-art research in the field, draw...

A Social History of Rural Ireland in the 1950s

This book offers a brief history of Crotta Great House, County Kerry, Ireland, now in ruins, where Horatio Herbert Kitchener spent his boyhood years. These ruined walls, which rose out of the ashes of the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland, loom large throughout the author’s own childhood years; their crumbling remains both a monument...
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