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Cambridge Scholars Publishing has developed an extensive list of titles in the broad and vibrant field of Anthropology. Titles within this broad portfolio encompass lecture series, edited collections bringing together leading thinkers in the field, and focused monographs presenting unique insights into often under-represented regions and cultures. This collection provides thought-provoking content for both specialist researchers and the general reader.

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Snakes, People, and Spirits, Volume Two

This two-volume publication offers an in-depth analysis of ophidian symbolism in Eastern Africa, while setting the topic within its regional and historical context: namely, with regards to the rest of Africa, ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, the Greek world, ancient Palestine, Arabia, India, and medieval and pre-Christian Europe. Thr...

Use-wear Analysis on Quartzite Flaked Tools

Quartzite is a particularly frequently used lithology for knapping stone tools throughout all stages of human evolution. Despite this, however, there is a surprising lack of detailed methodological research on the formation and appearance of use-wear on this type of rock. As such, this book fills in a gap in the research, and propo...

A Worldwide Guide to Retirement Destinations

This guide provides information on retiree destinations around the world, all based on research conducted by the authors and hands-on testimonies from each region. It consists of 10 chapters, starting with a general overview of retiree migration patterns, which examines the factors retirees consider when deciding on a destination. ...
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Yuri Vella’s Fight for Survival in Western Siberia

The book is centred on a fascinating personality, a Western Siberian indigenous poet, reindeer herder and ecological activist, who, in his 40s, made the choice to live in the forest with reindeer. There, he struggled with oil giant LUKoil to ensure his reindeer the possibility to live. A series of essays reflect on his awareness an...
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