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Cambridge Scholars Publishing has developed an extensive list of titles in the broad and vibrant field of Anthropology. Titles within this broad portfolio encompass lecture series, edited collections bringing together leading thinkers in the field, and focused monographs presenting unique insights into often under-represented regions and cultures. This collection provides thought-provoking content for both specialist researchers and the general reader.

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Children’s Literature and Culture

This collection of scholarship on the world of the child offers an eclectic overview of several aspects of youth culture today. The first essay focuses on Donna Williams, Joanna Greenberg, Temple Grandin and other children whose unusual minds raise questions that take us deep into the mysteries of all of human existence. The seco...

Civilisation and Fear

Paradoxically, if nature has always been a source of fear, civilisation – its other and at the same time the epitome of progress and order – has not only doubled fear itself, but also added its new sister, anxiety. In effect, the notions of civilisation, fear and anxiety can hardly be separated. Fear – either linked with anxiety or...

Classrooms and Playgrounds

What is schooling in our contemporary societies? Is it to equip students for functioning in an information culture and to develop skills that would enable them to become productive agents in a fast globalizing world? Or is it to develop the capability to think and analyze? Mapping the complex transitions that mark primary education...

Cocoon Communities

Filling a gap in the literature on communities, this innovative and critical volume proposes the concept of Cocoon Communities. Cocoon communities are highly significant for its members and yet not binding. Membership is voluntary and informal. Weaving together interdisciplinary perspectives, the contributors offer theoretical pers...
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