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Human Adaptations to the Last Glacial Maximum

The book assembles new insights into humanity’s social, cultural and economic developments during the Last Glacial Maximum in Western Europe and adjacent regions. It gathers original, up-to-date research results on the Solutrean techno-complex, reflecting four major fields of research: data from current excavations; analysis of lit...

Arts, Politics and Social Movements

As reflected in the title of the book, the contributions here describe a series of artistic and activist actions in different places sing different forms of aesthetic styles to challenge the existing order of things. Nine chapters present specific situations in Europe and the US in a multilocal dialogue. This multifaceted collectio...

Marriage Seen through Proverbs and Anti-Proverbs

This book explores various aspects of marriage and the ways it is viewed and conceptualized in the body of Anglo-American anti-proverbs (or proverb transformations). It also depicts those who contribute to the institution of marriage (that is, husbands and wives), and analyses their nature, qualities, attributes and behaviours as r...

Rites of Spontaneity

A room in a pub. Some musicians facing each other. They play well-known traditional Irish tunes on flutes, tin whistles, and fiddles. Every musician plays the melodic line adding her own variations and grace notes. Some musicians are just listening; others are cracking jokes. The crowd nearby is composed of friends, occasional patr...

Peace Journeys

This collection of essays presents the very latest research on the peace-building dimension of sacred and secular journeys at individual, societal, regional and global levels. Not since the 1980s has there been any concerted effort to explore the potential of such journeys in helping to bridge the divide that separates people of di...
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North American Indian Medicine Powers

This book is the first-ever publication to provide an in-depth overview of American Indian medicine powers. More importantly, it challenges the current notion that a belief in medicine powers is merely the result of primitive superstition. Utilizing a recent discovery in quantum mechanics, hailed by some physicists as “the greatest...

The Soul in the Axiosphere from an Intercultural Perspective, Volume One

The essays collected in this volume form a multifaceted discourse on religious, philosophical, historical, ethnocultural and sociocultural, literary and linguistic issues. A multicultural approach to the problem of the soul allows the presentation of it on a microscale, focused on national and regional specificity, as well as on th...

The Soul in the Axiosphere from an Intercultural Perspective, Volume Two

This volume gathers together a broad spectrum of evaluations of the soul from different perspectives, including artistic (from literature and the arts), mystic and theological reflections on spirituality from the Christian religion, as well as from the Orient and Ancient Egypt. The contributions in this book will afford the reader ...

Creativity, a Profile for Our Species

This volume presents a number of profound reflections on the brain and mind, their evolution and cultural dependence as expressed in oscillating trends between creativity and domestication, and their impact on our collective future. It contains a critical history of the search for the correlation between the brain and the mind, and...

Chinese Immigration in Latin America

This book provides an overview of some of the current issues related to the social and cultural relationship between Latin America and China. In particular, it discusses challenges connected to Chinese immigration to various Latin American countries, including Costa Rica, Argentina, and Mexico....

Writing about Latin American Sovereignty

This book explores the relationship between Latin America and China, and how it affects Latin American states in regard to other international actors. It investigates how Latin America and China influence each other, and discusses their respective roles in the world. ...
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