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Identities, Cultures, Spaces

The intense circulation of people, contents and goods that characterises the current process of globalisation has led to unprecedented cultural encounters, which can be perceived either as the source of conflicts or opportunities for dialogue. This volume adopts a multidisciplinary approach to address issues that emerge at the conf...

Imagining ‘the Turk’

A human being is a symbolic creature and, to the same extent, an active inventor of otherness. Europe and Turkey, The West and the Balkans, are infinitely exploitable symbols. Any symbol, inherently polysemic and socially construed, is continuously contested and negotiated. The image of ‘the Turk’ as a ruthless plunderer is still v...

Interpreting the New Milenio

Interpreting the New Milenio is a collection of essays analyzing the past, present and future directions of Chicano Literature. Beginning with the presence of Spanish conquistadors in the U.S. and ending with contemporary authors such as Sandra Cisneros, Interpreting the New Milenio covers well-known Chicano authors as well as less...

Irelands of the Mind

Irelands of the Mind: Memory and Identity in Modern Irish Culture offers a compelling series of essays on changing images of Ireland from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. It seeks to understand the various ways in which Ireland has been thought about, not only in fiction, poetry and drama, but in travel writing and touris...

Jephtas Gelüdbe Oper in drei Aufzügen

Meyerbeer’s first opera, Jephtas Gelübde, has a libretto by the German academic Alois Schreiber, based on a Biblical theme taken from chapters 11-12 of the Book of Judges. The conflict between paternal love and love of country intrinsic to this scenario was also chosen by Meyerbeer as the basic theme of his opera, and is reflecte...

Journeys and Destinations

Journeys and Destinations: Studies in Travel, Identity, and Meaning brings together scholarship from diverse fields all focused on either practices of journeying, or destinations to which such journeys lead.Common across the contributions herein are threads that indicate travel as a core component — as a concept or a practice — of ...

Kaleidoscopic Grammar

This monograph deals with binary features in the evolution of human civilisation and cognition, with a particular focus on language. Our life is surrounded by various pairs of binary features, and this is termed binarism in this work. Binarism is pervasive, ranging from nature (biological) to culture (anthropological and archaeolog...

Language and Sexuality (through and) beyond Gender

This volume is a collection of papers on aspects of language and sexuality as understood and problematized by scholars in linguistics and anthropology. The idea behind this volume was to bring together people working on language-and-sexuality issues from within these two fields given that linguistic research on this topic is, more ...

Life and Mind

In this bold, provocative account, the author argues that the phenomena of life and mind elude purely materialistic explanations. Living matter occupies a unique phase of existence which results from the complex transformation of its biochemical synergies. Analogous phase changes account for mind and self-reflexive consciousness. A...

Local and Global Understandings of Creativities

In music making “in company”, the protagonists have to follow the rules of interaction and create the cohesion of “being together”. At the same time, they try to promote personal goals that depend on specific personal treasure troves of experience. These are continuously being modified also as a result of the exchange between indiv...

Making Sense of the Global

Anthropology is more relevant than ever before to making sense of the constant intercultural encounters taking place around the world. Even though the discipline was born out of the need to understand the way humans interact, it had for decades been trapped in a counter-cultural stance that effectively disarmed it of any direct inf...

Manifold Identities

The ICTM Study Group “Music and Minorities” was founded officially in 1997 and is thus one of the youngest Study Groups within the ICTM. The volume “Manifold Identities: Studies on Music and Minorities” is a collection of the papers of the second Study Group meeting, which was held in Lublin/Poland, August 25-31, 2002.Chapters are ...
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