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Applied Psychology

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Pangs of Love and Longing

The complex relationship between psychic structures, social norms, and aesthetic representations is a challenge for every analysis of the historical manifestations of human desire. Pangs of Love and Longing: Configurations of Desire in Premodern Literature sets out to provide a deeper understanding of this relation by an assessment...

The Impact of the UK Temporary Employment Industry in Assisting Agency Workers since the Year 2000

Temporary agency work has been a central topic of employment discourse in recent years, and the flexible working arrangements it can provide individuals and organisations has served to increase this attention in the current economic climate. Temporary employment agencies can provide organisations with fast access to potential staff...

Trends in Training

In the modern workplace, millions of dollars are spent each year on employee training. All too often, however, little thought and effort is spent on evaluating training and ensuring that the correct training is taking place. Successful training is about understanding both organizational goals and employee behavior. The basis for th...

Social, Cultural, and Psychological Resonance in John B. Keane’s The Field

This book explores the drama of John B. Keane and focuses on his best-known play, The Field, in an examination of the cultural and psychological resonances present in his work. From the changing social, political, and economic contexts of the play’s genesis, to present-day austerity and malaise, The Field remains a popular and rele...

The Well-being of Chinese Older Adults

The well-being of the Chinese elderly has recently drawn the attention of a significant number of researchers. This book examines the relationship among personal factors (such as age, sex, income, cognitive functioning, and functional disability), environmental factors (including satisfaction of housing, community, safety, and tran...

Health and Safety for Spirit Seers, Telepaths and Visionaries

This book provides a much-needed, positive, hopeful and holistic perspective on how to cope with schizophrenia. While 51 million people in the world are afflicted with this illness, self-help books on the topic are not in ample supply, and those that do exist are often very dark in outlook. This volume combines knowledge from previ...
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Script and Addiction

Addiction to alcohol and other substances is a growing problem today. The Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps Programme is the standard method for treating addictions, and defines an ordered program which, if completed, should break the addiction. However, the level of success here is low. Two main problems in this regard are the failure...

Sound Worlds from the Body to the City

This volume reveals the extent to which aural perception influences our spatial awareness. Spanning various fields and practices, from psychology to geography, and from zoology to urban planning, it covers a range of environments in which sounds contribute to forming our sense of space and place. The contributions gathered here lea...

Music Performance Anxiety

Music Performance Anxiety (MPA) has been proven to affect many individuals, independent of age, gender, experience and hours of practice. This book provides an excellent and updated review of the literature on the topic, including concept, epidemiology, methodical aspects and interventional studies. Suggestions of the correct use o...

Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy in Theory and Practice

This volume makes a tremendous contribution to the field of expressive arts therapy through its presentation of clear and profound theoretical bases to a relatively new profession in the domain of psychotherapy. It applies comprehensive, in-depth psychological knowledge to practical cases which shed light on clinical interventions ...