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Featuring books on ancient, pre-modern, and modern archaeology, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Archaeology collection is an increasingly prominent body of scholarship on latest archaeological discoveries and methods. We also published the acclaimed The Archaeology of Anatolia series, which is almost solely responsible for collating and presenting cutting edge archaeological work on Turkey and the surrounding region to the world.

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Dawn of Discovery

This book focuses on three important British travellers to Crete during the 18th and 19th centuries to establish whether or not they made any significant contribution to the field of research with regard to the archaeological heritage of Bronze Age Crete. It is an attempt to bring these ‘lost pioneers’ of antiquity to the fore and ...

Early Farmers, Late Foragers, and Ceramic Traditions

This work presents the most recent views on a subject of primordial importance for all students of history: the understanding of humankind’s process of becoming, viewed through the study of the beginnings of pottery in the late forager, and early farmer societies of Europe.It is a collection of essays, by some of the prominent Euro...

From Antiquary to Archaeologist

Frederick Corbin Lukis, antiquarian and polymath, lived in Guernsey in the Channel Islands from 1788-1871. This book is the result of many years research on his archive held at Guernsey Museum and draws heavily on the material therein, highlighting it to both the general reader and the academic world. It includes an initial look at...

From Distant Tales

This is the most comprehensive book devoted to Sumatra in more than half a century. It summarizes earlier studies, and provides a huge amount of new knowledge for the first time in readily accessible form. Sumatra is one of the world’s largest islands, rich in flora and fauna, minerals and timber, and located at the midpoint of the...
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