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Featuring books on ancient, pre-modern, and modern archaeology, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Archaeology collection is an increasingly prominent body of scholarship on latest archaeological discoveries and methods. We also published the acclaimed The Archaeology of Anatolia series, which is almost solely responsible for collating and presenting cutting edge archaeological work on Turkey and the surrounding region to the world.

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Grahame Clark and His Legacy

Grahame Clark was a major figure in European archaeology for over 50 years, and pioneered work in prehistoric economies and ecology, in science-based archaeology and in a world view of ancient societies. In this book a variety of authorities from Europe and beyond assess these major contributions and provide discussions about Clark...

Horse Breeds and Breeding in the Greco-Persian World

Although there are many publications which discuss the history of the ancient horse, few focus their attention on the origin and development of the various breeds. Most publications examine the horse’s contribution to human history through its role as transport facilitator and military machine, and concentrate mainly on subjects su...

Images of Conflict

Striking aerial views of war, and of the scarred landscapes of its aftermath are the focus of this unique and multidisciplinary book. For the first time, the history, significance, and technology of military aerial photography are brought together and explored by military historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists. This new ap...

Methods and the Medievalist

The field of medieval studies has shifted towards a growing degree of inter- and multidisciplinarity during the recent decades. The concept of medieval studies covers in fact a multitude of disciplines, some of them being loyal to their long-established traditions, whereas others are very new and borrow methods from other branches ...
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