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Featuring books on ancient, pre-modern, and modern archaeology, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Archaeology collection is an increasingly prominent body of scholarship on latest archaeological discoveries and methods. We also published the acclaimed The Archaeology of Anatolia series, which is almost solely responsible for collating and presenting cutting edge archaeological work on Turkey and the surrounding region to the world.

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New Perspectives on Late Antiquity

Perhaps it is fully justified to think of Late Antiquity (3rd–7th centuries) as the first Renaissance of the Classical World. This period can be considered a fundamental landmark for the transmission of the Classical Legacy and the transition between the ancient and the medieval individual. During Late Antiquity the Classical Educa...

Olde New Mexico

This book affords the reader an in-depth history of New Mexico, from the earliest Paleographical era. It covers the early Pueblo societies, the Spanish incursions and development of the area. Also contained herein are accounts of the indigenous people and their history and fortitude during various incursions, at first by Spanish co...
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Place as Material Culture

The present book explores the complexity of the past, by analysing the relationships between place, territory, the material value of objects and landscapes, time and ritual, during archaeological investigations. It presents the archaeology of place as a series of interconnecting and interactive relationships. It is clear that thing...

POCA 2007

The Postgraduate Cypriot Archaeology Conference (POCA) was held in Cyprus in 2007. This event brought together a significant number of distinguished young scholars from research institutions all over the world, conducting research on the history and archaeology of the island. The proceedings volume of this conference is a multidisc...
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