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Ancient Marriage in Myth and Reality

The papers in this volume were among the contributions presented at an international symposium, Ancient Marriage in Myth and Reality, which was held at the Swedish Institute in Rome in October 2006. The symposium was held under the aegis of ARACHNE—the Nordic network for women’s history and gender studies in Antiquity.The study of ...

Archaeological Encounters

This book examines the relationship between British and Spanish archaeology in the light of international geographies of knowledge. It looks at the practical aspects of the personal relationships established between British and Spanish prehistoric archaeologists from the 1920s to the 1970s. Part I of the book sets the scene. It pro...

Archaeology and The Politics of Vision in a Post-Modern Context

Archaeology is intimately connected to the modern regime of vision. A concern with optics was fundamental to the Scientific Revolution, and informed the moral theories of the Enlightenment. And from its inception, archaeology was concerned with practices of depiction and classification that were profoundly scopic in character. D...

Archaeology Experiences Spirituality?

This book’s aim is to go beyond the limits of the contemporary scientific paradigm of “material culture” by presenting some of the issues confronting archaeology, as it attempts to approach the spirituality of the past.It brings together archaeologists from Western and Eastern Europe, and the USA who, more or less obviously, have u...


This volume is a study of the migration of cultures from Asia to North America from the earliest period of recorded history.Evidence is presented of a connection between the North American Athabaskan language family and Siberia, together with comparisons and examinations of the implications of linguistics from anthropological, arch...
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Bethsaida in Archaeology, History and Ancient Culture

This volume is an archaeological analysis, history, and description of a key excavation of the site of biblical Bethsaida, the most important Holy Land location in the narrative of Jesus’ life. This volume presents some of the pre-eminent biblical archaeological scholars in the field, all of whom were associated with Professor John...

Bronze Age China

“Style” in Chinese art and archaeology encompass complex meanings that beyond studies of decorative motifs, design and traditional sense on artistic style. This anthology considers function, behavior, manufacture, usage, design, material and context are expanded definition of “style”. Examine style in a larger context assists in in...

Chronology and Evolution within the Mesolithic of North-West Europe

Since its development in 1949, radiocarbon dating has increasingly been used in prehistoric research in order to get a better grip on the chronology of sites, cultures and environmental changes. Refinement of the dating, sampling and calibration methods has continuously created new and challenging perspectives for absolute dating.I...

Dawn of Discovery

This book focuses on three important British travellers to Crete during the 18th and 19th centuries to establish whether or not they made any significant contribution to the field of research with regard to the archaeological heritage of Bronze Age Crete. It is an attempt to bring these ‘lost pioneers’ of antiquity to the fore and ...

Early Farmers, Late Foragers, and Ceramic Traditions

This work presents the most recent views on a subject of primordial importance for all students of history: the understanding of humankind’s process of becoming, viewed through the study of the beginnings of pottery in the late forager, and early farmer societies of Europe.It is a collection of essays, by some of the prominent Euro...

From Antiquary to Archaeologist

Frederick Corbin Lukis, antiquarian and polymath, lived in Guernsey in the Channel Islands from 1788-1871. This book is the result of many years research on his archive held at Guernsey Museum and draws heavily on the material therein, highlighting it to both the general reader and the academic world. It includes an initial look at...
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