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Security of Archaeological Heritage

"Security of Archaeological Heritage"-one more book devoted to the heritage management in archaeology. But this one covers space between England and Bangladesh and reflects real international exchange experience in this field of archaeological activity as far as it is based on the proceedings of two meetings, which took place in Ir...

Space - Archaeology’s Final Frontier? An Intercontinental Approach

This book discusses the cultural, social and archaeological aspects of space and the impact of spatial concepts in practical archaeological case studies. It summarizes recent developments and looks to the future, exploring some of the cutting-edge ideas in spatial method and theory. The past decade has seen significant advances in ...

Stones that Speak

As a child I would often wonder when I saw an illustration of a stone tablet, and ask myself: What did the inscription mean? How did these people sound when they talked? What would that piece of clay say if it could speak!The enigma of the Phaistos Disc is revisited here in the light of new findings. From the various interpretatio...
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Taking Archaeology out of Heritage

Archaeology has, on the whole, tended to dominate the development of public policies and practices applicable to what is often referred to as “heritage”. This book aims to examine the conflation of heritage with archaeology that has occurred as a result. To do so, it asks whether archaeology can usefully contribute to critical unde...

The Archaeology of Destruction

Buildings and landscapes are traditionally analysed with their construction and use in mind, with less interest shown in their destruction or ‘end’. This innovative book, canvassing the opinions of historians, archaeologists, and other professionals, highlights the complexity of destruction both as a concept and a phenomenon. Drawi...

The Archaeology of Politics

The Archaeology of Politics is a collection of essays that examines political action and practice in the past through studies and analyses of material culture from the perspective of anthropological archaeology. Contributors to this volume explore a variety of multi-scalar relationships between past peoples, places, objects and env...

Thebes in the First Millennium BC

Thebes in the First Millennium BC is a collection of articles, based mostly, but not entirely, on the talks given at the conference of the same name organised by the team of the South Asasif Conservation Project, an Egyptian-American Mission working under the auspices of the Ministry of State for Antiquities, Egypt, in Luxor in 201...

The Italians on the Land

Proceedings of a conference held at the University of Kent, 11th and 12th October 2008There has been, in recent years, a quickening of interest in the condition of Italy and state of those who lived there during the Roman republic. The diverse nature of the evidence, both historical and archaeological, has stimulated scholarly deba...

The Lure of Olde Arizona

This book affords the reader an in-depth history of Arizona from the Paleographical era up until Statehood. The author has recorded music in Arizona and is a specialist on the advent of the recording industry from its inception in Arizona during the 1950s and 60s. The book examines the early ‘roots’ of the indigenous people, togeth...
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The Lure of Texas

This book affords the reader an in-depth history of Texas from the earliest Paleographical era, providing details of the occupation of Texas by Spain, France and Mexico, and gives the reader contemporary accounts of battles and incursions leading up to the Battle of the Alamo and to the establishment of Statehood....

The Mystery of the Ten Lost Tribes

There have been many legends and traditions regarding the ten lost tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. This book draws upon extensive discoveries and information published regarding the movement of the People of Israel and Judah from Davidic times to the dawn of the Hellenistic period. The author has tested the biblical recor...

The Plastic Venuses

A wooden horse in the archaeological site of Troy, plastic “Greek” statues on the seabed, resin columns at the Roman Forum, painted copies of Altamira and Lescaux grottos, Tutankhamun’s tomb in a casino of Las Vegas, fake Roman fortresses with legionnaires and gladiators, “Etruscan” vases in a hotel in Milan, Valentino’s creations ...
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