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The Power of the Line

Extensive research in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, and cognitive science clearly suggests that the development of a material culture in prehistory was a serious contribution to the mathematization of the human mind. An underestimated interface in this process, as cognitive and philosophical studies suggest, was the capa...

The Quest

For many years I had wanted to write something about Troy and the Classical Age; ever since my earlier archaological 'digs' and flint knapping and an early essay on Troy, quite unplanned, that had my strict Headmaster quite aghast (and even myself). I expect it was something hidden within my psyche which knows a former life, I hesi...
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The Statue of Zeus at Olympia

This book began to take shape following a conference on the Statue of Zeus at Olympia held at the University of Queensland in July 2008. In line with the main themes of the conference, the book has two fundamental aims: the first is to recognise the unsurpassed reputation of the Zeus in antiquity, to move beyond the framework provi...

The World of Women in the Ancient and Classical Near East

The World of Women in the Ancient and Classical Near East, written by scholars working in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Israel, makes important contributions to our knowledge of the lives of ancient women. Its articles employ archaeology, biblical and other textual studies, ethnographic comparanda and more to investigate w...

Tools versus Cores

The papers in this volume address an incredibly basic question in stone tool studies, namely whether a particular lithic artifact should be classified as a tool, thus implying that at some time in the past it was used directly to perform activities, or whether it should instead be classified as a core, meaning that its purpose was ...

Written on Stone

This collection of essays is not interested in the unresolved questions about the origin, original use, and authentic meaning of the prehistoric monuments of the British Isles. It is not concerned with their prehistory. Rather it deals with the history of barrows, standing stones, and stone circles: with the ways in which they have...

In Search of Agamemnon

Although many books focus on the fascinating story of Heinrich Schliemann, little has been written on Mycenae before his excavations. This book, therefore, fills this gap. It looks at the English-speaking pioneers who visited the citadel at Mycenae before Schliemann, providing additional biographic references in the footnotes (and ...

Ethics as Scales of Forms

This book is an important contribution to moral philosophy, and also to moral theology. It overcomes the dichotomising fragmentation of much contemporary moral philosophy which tends to take one aspect or component of moral activity, such as the consequences of actions, rules or intentions, and to make it the only one. The book emp...

The Edges of the Roman World

The Edges of the Roman World is a volume consisting of seventeen papers dealing with different approaches to cultural changes that occurred in the context of Roman imperial politics. Papers are mainly focused on societies on the fringes, both social and geographical, and their response to Roman Imperialism. This volume is not a tex...

The Elusive Aryans

The question of the original home of the Aryans and their migrations to India is only part of the problem of their “elusiveness.” Their subsequent assimilation and nativization in India also contributed to this elusive quality. This socio-cultural process can be traced through a study of their gods, rituals, and philosophy. Thus ch...


This intellectual biography describes the personal development and Weltanschauung of Moses from his childhood until his death. It includes interactions with well-known biblical and historical figures and with composite characters representing all of the lifestyles that he encountered.It shows how Moses was affected by the people an...

The Legacy of Antiquity

Recent years have seen an increase of interest in classicism and the reception and survival of antiquity. Classical Reception Studies is a rapidly developing field of research and teaching, and a growing number of new scholars are investigating issues of reception of classical texts, ideas, performance, and material culture across ...
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