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Angels, a Messenger by Any Other Name in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic Traditions

What were/are angels and what was/were their purpose(s) still agitates many readers of the many documents in which they are mentioned. This topic proved to both interest and challenge the presenters at the Seminar in Biblical Characters in Seoul, South Korea, from which this book is derived.Communication between the heavenly realms...

Archaeology in the River Duero Valley

From Prehistory to the Middle Ages, from the Spanish mainland to the Portuguese Atlantic Coast, the Duero (or Douro as it is known in English because of its Portuguese translation) has served as a river of great historical importance. It is a river flowing from the past into the future with the legacy of the Homo Antecessor and the...

Patterns in the Production of Apulian Red-Figure Pottery

Most of the previous scholarship on Apulian red-figure pottery has focused on the cataloguing of collections, the attribution of vases to painters and workshops, iconographic and stylistic matters, and individual vessels and vase forms. This partly reflects the history of vase-painting scholarship, which grew out of antiquarian col...
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Archaeological Sites as Space for Modern Spiritual Practice

Archaeological heritage can be disputed, especially where it is important to religions and their practitioners. While the destruction of archaeological sites in war – often due to religious fervour – is frequently making the headlines, apparently lesser disputes about local heritage sites go unreported. This book focuses on these l...

Petroglyphs and the Stars in Northumberland

Cup and ring petroglyphs are found widely in Northumberland, Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, Spain, Portugal and further afield across the globe. They are mysterious and beautiful objects of art in the landscape, but, as this book explains, they are much more than that.Nine petroglyph sites in Northumberland are examined here, and are...

A Festschrift in Honor of Rami Arav

Bethsaida, a fishing town on the north end of the Sea of Galilee, plays a prominent role in the Gospels, was home for several of Jesus’ disciples, and was the location of the feeding of the 5,000 and many of Jesus’ other healings. However, the Golden Age of Biblical Archaeology all but ignored this important site until 1987 when a ...

Ancient South Arabia through History

South Arabia, an area encompassing all of today’s Yemen and neighboring regions in Saudi Arabia and Oman, is one of the least-known parts of the Near East. However, it is primarily due to its remoteness, coupled with the difficulty of access, that South Arabia remains under-researched, for this region was, in fact, very important d...

The Roots of Visual Depiction in Art

Why ancient humans first began to represent animals is a question that has led to a bewildering number of theories since cave art was discovered in the 19th century. Drawing on insights from visual science, evolution, and art theory, the book takes the reader on a unique and intriguing journey showing how the development of visual ...

Land of Fertility III

The papers in this volume are based on presentations given at the third and fourth international conferences of the “Land of Fertility: The Southeast Mediterranean from the Bronze Age to the Muslim Conquest” series. The former, “The Migration of People, Goods and Ideas in Ancient Times”, was held at the Institute of Archaeology, Ja...

Roman Military Medicine

This work sheds light on the mostly obscure topic of medicine and its use in the Roman military. It explores the workings of the ancient healthcare system, the methods of care by physicians, and the treatments for different ailments and injuries. The contributions utilise historical writings, archeological artifacts, and more recen...

The Influence of Hellenic Philosophy on the Contemporary World

This book consists of 21 papers on the influence of Ancient Greek philosophy on the contemporary world. It covers such areas as history, economy, art and architecture, mythology and the Riddle of Tartessus, along with an introductory essay by Professor P. Pavlopoulos, the President of the Hellenic Republic. The volume discusses a g...

Religion in Early Assam

This volume offers a fresh approach to the existing literature on religion in Early Assam, bringing together perspectives from the fields of archaeology, religion, history and heritage. For decades, the Naraka legend has been incorporated into history without due critical attention and analysis of the historical context, while arch...
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