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Book of the Month - January 2020 02 January 2020

To begin 2020, we’ve chosen as Book of the Month a remarkable voyage through illness, doctors, diseases and patients: Dark Tales of Illness, Medicine, and Madness: The King Who Strangled his Psychiatrist by Robert M. Kaplan. You can get the book at a 60% discount throughout January by using the code ‘BOMJAN20’ at the checkout on our website.

Dark Tales shows the extremes of human nature in the complex, dangerous relationships between patients and doctors, public responses to notorious medical quacks, murders, unscrupulous treatments and other crimes in the world of medicine and health. Spanning a wide territory, it is written in the wry story-telling fashion of an insightful forensic psychiatrist with a penchant for exposing missed diagnoses and doctor-patient frailty.

The playwright Ron Elisha praises Kaplan on both the form and content of the book:

“The historical subjects to whom Kaplan turns his juggernaut of a mind are unerringly fascinating, even in the simple detail of their lives and endeavours. Superimposed upon this is an incisive, acerbic, dry, wry wit that lifts the whole above the level of mere erudition, making it so utterly readable.”

Appealing to a wide variety of readers of all ages, the book takes its readers on a thought-provoking journey, from the heights of Mount Everest to the sun-blasted deserts of Central Australia, and from a Bavarian lake to a remote island off the coast of northern Australia, discussing the minds of some of the world’s most bizarre doctors, patients and murderers.

The volume will be of great interest to those with an interest in medicine, health care, psychology, psychology and mental illness-related crimes.

Robert M. Kaplan is a forensic psychiatrist and Clinical Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Medicine of the University of Wollongong, Australia. He has written on murder, crime, genocide, history, medicine and psychiatry. He has often appeared on radio and as a public speaker, and is a regular contributor to magazines and newspapers.

His publications include the books Medical Murder: Disturbing Tales of Doctors Who Kill, The Exceptional Brain and How It Changed the World and The Prophet of Psychiatry: In Search of Reginald Ellery.

You can click here to visit the page on our website where you can find reviews, a sample extract, and a link to purchase the book.

Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on February 2nd 2020.

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75 Years After Auschwitz: Holocaust Education and Remembrance for Global Justice 02 January 2020

2020 marks three quarters of a century since the founding of the United Nations, the end of the Second World War, and the ending of the Holocaust. In acknowledgement of these milestones, the UN has decided to commemorate January 27th – the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz – as the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.

In honour of this commemorative day, we are highlighting some of the most significant examples of scholarship relating to the history and legacy of the Holocaust. Cambridge Scholars supports all activism that seeks to eradicate antisemitism and affirm the human rights of all people across the globe.

Throughout January, a 50% discount is available on the below texts. Make sure to use the code ‘MEMORY50’ when checking out on our website. You can click on the titles to learn more about them, or to read an extract.

Holocaust Resistance in Europe and America: New Aspects and Dilemmas

Victoria Khiterer, an Associate Professor of History and the Director of the Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide at Millersville University, USA, brings together in this collection eleven essays that analyse different aspects of resistance to the Holocaust. Resistance took many forms: armed and passive struggle, uprisings in ghettos and concentration camps, partisan and underground movements, the rescue of Jews, spiritual resistance, and preservation of Jewish artefacts and memories. According to Brian Horowitz, the book represents “Holocaust history at its finest.” Victoria Khiterer also co-edited the anthology The Holocaust: Memories and History in 2014.

Global Perspectives on the Holocaust: History, Identity, Legacy

This collection expands coverage of the Holocaust from the traditional focus upon Europe to a worldwide and interdisciplinary perspective. Articles by historians, political scientists, educators, and geographers, as well as scholars in religious studies, international relations, art history, film and literature are included. As its subtitle suggests, the volume has a tripartite structure which analyses collective and individual events, responses, attitudes and memories.

The Holocaust and World War II: In History and In Memory

Bringing together such renowned scholars as Gerhard L. Weinberg and Raffael Scheck, this study focuses on the connection between World War II and the Holocaust as it was lived as well as how it is remembered, commemorated and taught. The essays represent a broad spectrum of disciplines, methodological approaches, and points of view concerning the era, making the book both an important acquisition for libraries and a useful tool for scholars, teachers, researchers and general readers interested in the period.

The Treatment of Hungarian Jewish Health Professionals in the Shadow of the Holocaust

A more focused volume, Dr Julia Bock’s recent work sheds light on the social, medical and historical aspects of Hungarian Jewish doctors’ lives the end of World War I to the end of World War II. It also answers how it was possible for these doctors to treat patients when inmates themselves, and what the reasons were for the unusually high percentage of Jewish youth choosing the medical profession in Hungary. George M. Weisz holds the hope that the text “will prevent the resurfacing of old hatreds” in Hungarian society, going on to say that “[b]oth historically and literarily the book is of a very high quality, fulfilling a very important missing chapter in the history of medicine.”

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Meet our Authors: Alex Burkhardt 16 December 2019

Alex Burkhardt was born in the north west of the United Kingdom in 1983 to a German father and English mother. His grandfather, Hans, had been a German prisoner of war interned at Preston who decided to remain in the UK after 1945.

It was perhaps inevitable, then, that he would go on to study history and specialise in 20th century Germany. In 2013, he won one of the University of St. Andrews' prestigious 600th anniversary scholarships to write his PhD on the rise of the Nazis in the small Bavarian town of Hof – the town where his Grandfather was born. 

This thesis eventually became his first book, Democrats into Nazis: Middle Class Radicalisation in a Single German Town, 1918-1924. The study examines, through a targeted case study, how millions of middle-class Germans came to support extreme nationalist and anti-democratic groups during the Weimar Republic. It is a detailed and disturbing assessment into the rise of the Nazis and the processes of popular radicalisation and is essential reading for students and scholars of modern history.

Alex is currently an early career researcher who teaches History and International Relations at the University of Marburg, Germany. His work has appeared in both English and German in a range of publications, including Central European History, German History, the Weimarer Schriften zur Republik, and the German Historical Institute London Bulletin.

Alex relates his experience of working with Cambridge Scholars:

"I was looking for the most timely and efficient way to get my book published, because I've had some bad experiences with other publishers dragging the review process out for months and being unresponsive to my attempts to contact them. Cambridge Scholars were the opposite; all of their staff responded promptly to emails and guided me carefully through the process, which they completed rigorously but with impressive alacrity.

They also proved themselves to be very flexible, delaying publication when I requested extra time to put together an index. Overall, I was happy with the process and pleased with the result. Early career researchers in particular should take a very close look at them."

As part of the ‘Meet our Authors’ campaign, we are offering our readers a 50% discount on Democrats into Nazis: Middle Class Radicalisation in a Single German Town, 1918-1924. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code MOADEC19 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 16th January 2019.

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Meet our Authors: William Magnusson 16 December 2019

William (Bill) Magnusson was born in Australia, but has spent the last 40 years living in the Brazilian Amazon. He is the author of over 250 publications related to biodiversity, and has published a book on statistics. He is a certified wildlife biologist and member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

He has written three popular books on the study of vertebrates: The Eye of the Crocodile, The Fish and the Frogs, and Snakes and Other Lizards. His interest in the motivations that lead to a science or conservation career led him to try to integrate information from psychology, economics, biology and physics, with the surprising conclusion that practitioners of different scientific disciplines start with divergent and often contradictory assumptions. That led to his book produced by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Diversity, Freedom and Evolution

There is an enormous literature about science and evolution in particular, but all previous authors have missed the point that evolution gives us basic tenets that are not situation- or culture-dependent. The book shows that the potential for evolution is based on the tenets of diversity and freedom, which also underlie most of the ethical and moral values that people cherish, whatever their beliefs. Those values can apply to everything that has evolved or will evolve, whether they are humans, other organisms, machines or memes.

Bill outlined his experience working with Cambridge Scholars Publishing in the following words:

“I wanted my book to be available to a wide audience, but with freedom to innovate. Cambridge Scholars Publishing provided the guidance I needed to get the book into print, and helped me get the book to a wider audience by means of promotions and other advertising approaches. I recommend CSP to academic authors that want their works to reach a wide audience.” 

As part of the ‘Meet our Authors’ campaign, we are offering our readers a 50% discount on Diversity, Freedom and Evolution. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code MOADEC19 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 16th January 2019.

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Meet the Publisher: Sean Howley 16 December 2019

Visitors to our website will be familiar with our ‘Meet our Authors’ section. We have always tried to put our authors first in everything we do and will continue to do that. However, we also want to tell you a little about the people who help to transform an idea and a manuscript into a published title.

In this month’s ‘Meet the Publisher’, we’d like to introduce the eagle-eyed proofreader Sean Howley. Sean is our Reviews Editor and heads our prepress department. He joined the company full time in 2012 after graduating from Northumbria University, where he enjoyed studying literature from a philosophical perspective.

His academic research focused on the evolution of tragedy in American writing of the ‘30s and ‘40s, specifically examining the difference between pre- and post-Second World War works. His penchant for American literature and culture becomes clear by a cursory glance at his bookshelf. Taking pride of place is the sprawling and encyclopaedic tome, Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace.

Explaining his love for the book, Sean notes that “it’s an unconventional novel which draws on classics such as The Odyssey and Hamlet, as well as tennis and absurdist humour. It is both deeply funny and moving, and centres around the theme of addiction in its various guises (as well as featuring a germophobic President previously better known for his work in the entertainment world) … It’s still a highly relevant text to this day.”

When asked to choose a highlight from the extensive Cambridge Scholars catalogue he has worked on, he plumped for Bruce Springsteen’s America: A Dream Deferred by Alessandro Portelli.  “Striking a balance between academic research into one of the most prominent (and socially conscious) figures of late 20th (and early 21st) century rock music and a fan’s genuine passion for The Boss,” he explains, “the author’s enthusiasm for the subject shines through, and will be sure to connect with the reader.”

Sean lives in Newcastle with his partner Kate, is an avid Celtic F.C. fan, and – injuries permitting – keeps in better shape than many professional athletes. He is currently training for next year’s Great North Run.

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Editorial Advisory Board’s ‘Recommended Read’ - December 2019 02 December 2019

December’s ‘Recommended Read’, Communicating Specialized Knowledge: Old Genres and New Media, was chosen by the Polish professor and researcher Dr Anna Szczepaniak-Kozak.

Anna is an Assistant Professor in the Institute of Applied Linguistics at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland and has been a valued member of our Language and Linguistics Editorial Advisory Board since 2017.

She is the author of three books, the co-editor of six collections – including Discourses in Co(n)text: The Many Faces of Specialised Discourse ­– and has published more than 40 scientific papers. She has been a guest lecturer at universities across Europe and is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief for Glottodidactica. An International Journal of Applied Linguistics, an international journal that focuses on applied linguistics and the aspects vital for foreign language learning and teaching. 

Until January 5th, we’re offering a 50% discount on her ‘Recommended Read’: Communicating Specialized Knowledge: Old Genres and New Media edited by Marina Bondi, Silvia Cacchiani, and Silvia Cavalieri. You can claim your discount by using the code ‘EABDEC19’ when purchasing the book on our website.

The chapters in the volume take the reader on a journey through the knowledge communication and (re)presentation strategies that allow us to successfully disseminate and communicate information. The domains under scrutiny include medicine and health, corporate communication, cultural heritage, and tourism.

You can read Anna’s review of the book below:

“There are significant aspects which distinguish this collection from previous books on specialized communication. First of all, a definite merit of this publication is that the editors and authors organized the volume around the topic of differences between communication strategies/techniques in specialized texts (targeting experts in a particular area) and in texts written for lay audiences.

Secondly, I found very insightful the chapters which are devoted to the textual mechanisms enabling the transfer of high-quality information to peer professionals in a way that guarantees knowledge proliferation and ensuring professional or scientific standing.

However, the chapters analyzing how experts communicate with non-experts deserve special attention. Since they all attempt to answer the question of how to create a more appealing and less ambiguous specialized message (i.e., the happy medium between informativeness and attractiveness), these chapters should be useful for linguists interested in genres and texts disseminating specialized knowledge. The book also includes texts delving into the role of specialized texts in empowering lay people, especially enabling them to make informed decisions, jointly with building up mutual understanding and social inclusion.

Finally, I sincerely recommend reading it due to the subject domains which its editors chose: particularly communication in and about health and medicine, business and finance, together with how museums brand their public image and ensure public engagement. Throughout the whole volume we become familiarized with the use of negativity, hedges, and adjuncts to maintain expert authority, the use of questions to disseminate art knowledge, and techniques of branding a positive public image.”

To learn more about the volume and its editors, to read a sample extract from the text, or to purchase the book with your 50% discount you can follow this link. For more information on our reviewer, you can click here.

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Women's Empowerment - December 2019 02 December 2019

A hundred years ago today, on December 1st 1919, Lady Nancy Astor became the first woman in the British House of Commons. Her appointment was a major step in the struggle for women’s suffrage and to this day remains a significant milestone in the ongoing fight for gender equality.

In celebration of the anniversary, Cambridge Scholars are offering a 50% discount on a selection of our recent best-sellers which focus on issues of women’s empowerment until January 5th. Make sure to use the promotional code ‘POWER50’ at the checkout when purchasing the books on our website.

You can click on the titles below to learn more, to read an extract, or to redeem your discount.

Women’s Voices and Genealogies in Literary Studies in English (edited by Lilla Maria Crisafulli and Gilberta Golinelli)

The various essays collected here examine how, and to what extent, ‘women’, across time and space, experimented with new genres or forms of expression in order to transform, question, resist or paradoxically consolidate gender discriminations and dominant ideologies: patriarchy, colonialism, slavery and racism, imperialism, religion, and (hetero)sexuality.

Women’s Rights after the Arab Spring: Buds without Flowers? (Laura Guercio)

When protests erupted across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in 2011, the general view was that these events would bring forward the regeneration of democracy. They were also meant to represent the ‘Spring’ of women’s fight for freedom and equality. Inspired by the testimony of local women, this book examines such a regeneration failed.

You Girls Stay Here: Gender Roles in Popular British Children’s Adventure Fiction, 1930-70 (Elizabeth Poynter)

In what has been described as an ‘exciting and ground-breaking study’, Poynter explores a period long considered to be of poor quality with regards to children’s books. She discusses a range of themes, such as female agency, power and courage, and gives a linguistic analysis of selected texts, making a strong case for the socio-cultural analysis of popular fiction.

Perspectives of Five Kuwaiti Women in Leadership Roles: Feminism, Islam, and Politics (Souad T. Ali)

In 2005, Kuwaiti women received the right to both vote and to run in elections to Parliament—the first women in the conservative Arab Gulf bloc to do so. This book presents intimate conversations with five remarkable women leaders in Kuwait, including one of the first elected Kuwaiti female Members of Parliament.

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Book of the Month - December 2019 02 December 2019

“A fascinating and very readable account of modern international history […] an impressive volume.”

- Professor Katy Cubitt, Head of the School of History, University of East Anglia, UK

Beginning with the military successes of the Duke of Marlborough in Europe and ending with an examination of Britain’s role in the Cold War Great Britain’s Place in the World, 1707-1997: An Informal Account is an accessible and erudite overview of modern British and international history.

Cambridge Scholars are offering a 60% discount on the book until January 5th, an offer which you can redeem by using the code ‘BOMDEC19’ when buying the book on our website.

The study relates the interlinking of the Industrial Revolution, British military prowess, and the rise of the British Empire, from the loss of Britain’s American colonies to the end of the Falklands War. While most of its narrative covers conflicts involving Britain, both domestic and European political evolution and development receive attention.

Given its readability, Great Britain’s Place in the World is ideal for students and teachers in universities and community colleges. As Charlotte Pullum notes of the book, “[i]t’d be a perfect teaching aid/learning tool for all ages. Well written and researched, you can tell it was written by a man who loves his history, especially Britain’s military history.”

The author, B.A. Egerton, completed National Service in the Royal Air Force, which he extended to 12 years as a radar specialist. Later in life, he obtained a place at the University of East Anglia to read History and in 2005 gained an honours degree. Following further research, he developed a course entitled ‘Britain in Conflict’, which he presented to adult education classes. In 2018, he was elected to membership of the Royal Historical Society.

In his view “it is impossible to form an accurate overview of modern history without an understanding of Britain’s place in it”. This book provides such an understanding, and in a highly accessible and enjoyable form.

You can click here to visit the page on our website where you can find reviews, a sample extract, and a link to purchase the book.

Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on January 1st 2020.

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Meet our EAB Members: Kusha Tiwari 14 November 2019

After the continued success of the Meet our Authors segment, as well as the introduction in October of the Meet the Publisher feature, we’d like to invite you for the first time to Meet our EAB Members. Our Editorial Advisory Boards (EABs) contain scholars from all over the world and cover more than 300 academic disciplines, from Dentistry to Robotics and Plant Ecology to Banking.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Dr Kusha Tiwari, Assistant Professor at the University of Delhi and member of our Women's and Gender Studies Advisory Board.

Kusha has published research papers with Taylor & Francis, SAGE, IUP, and in the monthly magazine The Book Review. Her first monograph, based on her PhD thesis, was Narrative of Liberation: Reading Nadine Gordimer’s Post-apartheid Fiction (2015), Since then she has published Critical Perspectives on Toni Morrison (2018) and Towards a Sustainable Future: Cross-cultural Practices, Strategies and Advancements (2019).

Dr Tiwari’s collaboration thus far with Cambridge Scholars has been extremely positive:

“My experience of working with Cambridge Scholars Publishing has been very satisfying and rewarding. They are a pioneering international press that not only publish the work of well-established authors but also give opportunities to first-time authors. They are very professional and publish titles in diverse subject fields. I am thoroughly impressed by the range and scope of their titles as well as by the rich list of reviewers and authors who have worked with or are working with them.

My upcoming book with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Gender and Popular Culture: Identity Constructions and Representations, is still in the publication process and will be out soon. I am waiting eagerly to see the end product of our collaboration. I am hoping that this will be the beginning of a long and fruitful association that will see many more collaborations. I am also privileged to be part of their Editorial Advisory Board and hope to contribute further in that capacity in the near future.”

To learn more about the role of our Editorial Advisors, or to enquire about joining one of our EABs, you can contact us here

Edit: Kusha Tiwari's collection Gender and Popular Culture: Identity Constructions and Representations has now been released. Click on the title above to learn more. 

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Meet our Authors: Gianmarco Vignozzi 14 November 2019

Gianmarco Vignozzi holds a PhD in English Linguistics from the University of Pisa, Italy, where he teaches English Language and Linguistics in the Department of Law. His areas of specialisation and research interests lie in English for specific purposes (ESP) and corpus linguistics, ranging from political discourse and filmic discourse analysis to corpus stylistics and audio-visual translation.

His latest research works focus on the representation of spoken medical discourse in TV medical dramas and on the potentiality of multimodal stimuli to teach figurative expressions to foreign learners of English.

He published his first monograph with Cambridge Scholars earlier this year. Assessing the Language of TV Political Interviews analyses the most distinctive linguistic features defining the genre of British and American TV-mediated political interviews.

Gianmarco describes his experience of publishing his first academic book with Cambridge Scholars:

“Being a novice academic and deciding to publish a monograph immediately after a PhD could be very tough and chaotic. That is why choosing the right publisher is key to having a successful experience. From the very beginning, after getting in touch with the commissioning editor who provided me with all the essential information – from what should be in the book proposal to the submission of the full manuscript – I felt I was in good hands.

This initial feeling was confirmed by the professionalism, seriousness and celerity with which the proposal was assessed by the advisory board, the manuscript was proofread by the prepress department, and the formatting completed by the typesetting team. The book cover was another thing that I appreciated very much. The fact that the publishing house has its own design team ready to satisfy the author’s requests leaves much space for customisation.

For these reasons, I can say that publishing my first scholarly book with Cambridge Scholars was a wonderful experience that I would not hesitate to recommend to all my colleagues looking for a publisher to take care of their research.”

As part of the ‘Meet our Authors’ campaign, we are offering our readers a 50% discount on Assessing the Language of TV Political Interviews. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code MOANOV19 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 15th December 2019.

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