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Frederick Kiesler

The material for this book has been taken from the 2006 thesis, Frederick Kiesler’s Art of This Century in New York, (1942-1947), in the Context of the Twentieth Century Art Museum.The prime objective was to establish why so few people remember Art of This Century, which Kiesler designed for Peggy Guggenheim in 1942, and she ruthle...

Housing the Environmental Imagination

The last few decades have seen an explosion of interest in literature and the sense of place. Many essays, books and presentations have explored the aesthetics, politics, and urgency of understanding and appreciating the unique qualities of coasts, mountains, deserts, bioregions, and more. Little attention, however, has been given ...

The Future of Post-Human Performing Arts

Are the performing arts really supposed to be so radical that, as John Cage once said in the context of music, “there is no noise, only sound,” since “he argued that any sounds we can hear can be music”? (WK 2007a; D. Harwood 1976)This radical tradition in performing arts, with music as an example here, can be contrasted with an op...

The Future of Post-Human Semantics

Is semantics really so indeterminate that, as W. V. Quine (1960) once argued in Word and Object, in the example about a previously undocumented, primitive tribe, “it is impossible in principle to be absolutely certain of the meaning or reference that a speaker of the primitive tribe’s language attaches to an utterance”? (WK 2011)Th...
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