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Building and Construction

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Keeping Up with Technologies to Improve Places

Keeping Up with Technologies to Improve Places brings together a selection of papers presented at the First International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies, held at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture in April 2014. The conference was organized by the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Architecture an...

Architectural Voices of India

The field of architecture has gradually evolved from being a mere profession to becoming a representation of the society in which we live. Architects form the voice of this profession, and an in-depth discussion with them allows a greater understanding of their theories, visions for architecture, and contributions towards the field...

Art and Future

This selection of essays examines the future of art in a changing world. In particular, contributors discuss the agency of art in conditions of ecological threats to the natural world, to climate change and the effects of globalisation, neoliberal economics and mass tourism. Following the lead of Chicago-based Frances Whitehead, wh...

The Fabrication, Testing and Application of Fibre Cement Boards

This book considers the composition, production, testing methods and application of modern cellulose fibre cement boards (FCB). FCB replaced widespread but now illegal and harmful asbestos building products. Despite the complexity of the FCB fabrication process, the material is currently widely implemented. In the first chapter, th...
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