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Built Environment

Our titles on the Built Environment at Cambridge Scholars Publishing cover two complimentary areas of academic research; the design, history, and theory of architecture and architectural practice, and the methods and practicalities of building and construction work. The collection will therefore be of interest to students and researchers in the humanities and social sciences, as well as architectural and construction professionals in different areas.

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Elemental Sculpture

This book represents a research endeavour in the area of contemporary sculpture, describing an unexplored tendency in the development of the relationship between sculpture and the natural elements, referred to here as Elemental Sculpture. The studies included in this book reveal the context of locations where this kind of sculpture...


“Else-where”: Essays in Art, Architecture, and Cultural Production 2002–2011 is a synoptic survey of the representational values given to art, architecture, and cultural production at the closing of the twentieth century and the opening of the twenty-first. Written primarily as a critique of what is suppressed in architecture and w...

Evolving Transcendentalism in Literature and Architecture

Evolving Transcendentalism in Literature and Architecture: Frank Furness, Louis Sullivan, and Frank Lloyd Wright demonstrates how American architects read literature and transformed abstract philosophy and literary form into physical substance. Furness, Sullivan, and Wright were inspired by such Transcendentalists as Ralph Waldo Em...

Frederick Kiesler

The material for this book has been taken from the 2006 thesis, Frederick Kiesler’s Art of This Century in New York, (1942-1947), in the Context of the Twentieth Century Art Museum.The prime objective was to establish why so few people remember Art of This Century, which Kiesler designed for Peggy Guggenheim in 1942, and she ruthle...

From Martyr to Monument

After the French Revolution and the dissolution of the monastic orders, the great Abbey of Cluny in France was closed and the buildings were sold for materials. This process went on for nearly thirty years, just as a romantic appreciation of the medieval past was gaining popularity. Although the government was unable to halt most o...
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Gothic Legacies

As this exciting contribution to interdisciplinary studies in the arts shows, the art and architecture of the Middle Ages were reworked, reframed and reinterpreted in diverse ways from as early as the sixteenth century. In addition, the definition of “Gothic” art and architecture was used, questioned, and challenged in a range of l...

Hōryūji Reconsidered

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993, the Hōryūji temple complex includes some of the oldest and largest surviving wooden buildings in the world. The original Hōryūji temple was built between 601 and 607 by Prince Regent Shōtoku (573?–622), one of Japan’s best-known cultural heroes. The construction of the temple marked ...

Housing the Environmental Imagination

The last few decades have seen an explosion of interest in literature and the sense of place. Many essays, books and presentations have explored the aesthetics, politics, and urgency of understanding and appreciating the unique qualities of coasts, mountains, deserts, bioregions, and more. Little attention, however, has been given ...

In the Place of Sound

In early June 2006, a group of over one hundred artists and researchers met for a three-day conference in the Architecture Building at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, to discuss—from as many different viewpoints as possible—the varying relationships between sound and space. This conference was part of soundaXis, a city-wide ...

Market Place

This book is about designing for food. It explores three fast transforming urban sites in London, centred on the regenerating spaces of Borough, Broadway and Exmouth Markets. It suggests that ‘food quarters’ have emerged in each place, modelling new forms of interconnection between physical design and social processes in which food...

Mediations in Cultural Spaces

The essays collected in this volume address the cultural and intellectual production of space. Cultures under discussion may be identified at a general level according to notional designations of East and West and range from those of Iran, Turkey, Western Europe and the United States. While the interests, orientations and methodolo...


This book is the outcome of one of the Forum Series on Architectural Education, organized by the Architectural Education Association of Turkey (MIMED) on the theme of “Flexibility in Architecture.” At Forum IV, the architectural education platform was cross-examined, new ideas and experiences were shared, and the potentials of “reg...
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