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Business, Management and Accounting

Our Business, Management and Accounting collection at Cambridge Scholars Publishing comprises texts not just in these core areas, but also in strategic management, travel and tourism, marketing and administration, and hospitality. The collection will be a crucial touchstone for academics working across these areas, as well as to senior business leaders needing to keep pace with the latest developments affecting their own practice.

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Corporate Governance and Board Performance

The board of directors is widely regarded as a vital governance mechanism that plays an important function in business. How boards are structured, the processes in which they are involved and the role they play vary across different types of firms and countries, with significant implications on how boards perform. In Pacific Island...

Corporate Governance and Compliance with IFRSs

Compliance with international best practices in emerging Middle East and North Africa (MENA) stock exchanges is a key issue which needs a comprehensive investigation to identify barriers to actual compliance with such practices. Corporate Governance and Compliance with IFRSs: MENA Evidence is a must read book that is the first to e...

Corporate Social Responsibility and Shell in Ireland

Francis O’ Donnell is an ecologist and business graduate from the Republic of Ireland. His current area of interest is the development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He considers culture a serious impediment to CSR’s potential to reduce social and environmental conflict in an Irish context. He is acutely aware that Multi...

Credit and Collections

The credit crisis, high fuel costs, job losses, bankruptcies, foreclosures and the failing economy are all contributing to factories closing, job loss and business owners going out of business because they can’t get paid. Learn how to take specific steps and use positive action to streamline and maximize your credit management poli...

Customer Relationship Management using Business Intelligence

This is an important text for all students and practitioners of Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It provides a comprehensive resource for understanding and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and BI solutions within the organisational context. It provides an in-depth coverage of all...

Data Envelopment Analysis and Its Applications to Management

Data envelopment analysis (DEA), a non-parametric technique, has emerged as a popular management tool for measuring the performance of a set of entities, known as decision making units. This book, Data Envelopment Analysis and Its Applications to Management, is a collection of contributions from DEA experts from various countries. ...

Education Loan and Inclusive Growth

The book discusses the significance of the education loan as a tool for financing the higher education of students of all backgrounds in developing countries with special reference to India. The academic cost of providing greater access to higher education with emphasis on quality is disproportionately high in several developing co...

Effectiveness of School Leadership and Management Development in Cameroon

This book considers a number of key epistemological, ontological and methodological questions exploring the effectiveness of school leadership and management development training programmes for school leaders in a range of settings and for a range of people. Consideration is also given to practical concerns associated with this top...

Emerging Business Theories for Educators and Practitioners

We believe that this book provides an excellent starting point for students to gain a greater appreciation of the range of issues that managers contend with in the business world. Each individual chapter offers valuable insight into a particular topic, yet in the aggregate, the book serves as a compendium for many of the emerging b...

Empowered Femininity

Women in the first decades of the 21st century encounter competing ideologies of femininity. This book traces the existence of two such ideologies – traditional femininity and resistant femininity – in language, in women’s magazines, and in relation to the body. The book then uses a Discourse Analysis of women’s fitness magazines t...

European SME’s and Global Business

Globalisation has instigated huge changes in the competitive environment for business entrepreneurs, and both large and small firms now frequently operate in similar conditions. Most research studies in international business have tended to focus on the market growth and internationalisation of large-scale and multinational compani...

Experience and New Venture Performance

Is an entrepreneur’s previous experience relevant in predicting the success or otherwise of a new business venture? Common sense would suggest that this undoubtedly be the case. Current research suggests otherwise, however. As elucidated in this volume, a business founder’s prior experience can have either a positive or a negative ...
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