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Business, Management and Accounting

Our Business, Management and Accounting collection at Cambridge Scholars Publishing comprises texts not just in these core areas, but also in strategic management, travel and tourism, marketing and administration, and hospitality. The collection will be a crucial touchstone for academics working across these areas, as well as to senior business leaders needing to keep pace with the latest developments affecting their own practice.

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Taking Business Ethics Seriously

Of what does the “good life” consist? What do we owe each other? How should we distribute the product of our joint effort? For modern rationality, each of those timeless questions can be answered separately, and different disciplines have evolved to deal with them. This book presents a forceful, passionate argument against such com...

Corporate and Financial Intergenerational Leadership

Intergenerational predicaments of climate change, over-indebtedness and demographic aging of the Western world population put pressure on future generations. As such, this book explores how corporate and financial social responsibility can leverage intergenerational harmony. The concept of responsibility is shown to underlie the in...

Accountability and Leadership in the Catholic Church

The Catholic church is many things: a sign and instrument of Christ; a gathering of flawed human beings; a mystery. It is, in some ways, unlike any other organization in the world; yet it is, nevertheless, an organization: as St John Henry Newman observed, “it has developed according to the laws under which combinations of men deve...
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Ensuring Network Security through the Use of the Honeypot Technique

In modern technology networks, security plays an important role in safeguarding data. Detecting the threats posed by hackers, and capturing the data about such attacks are known as the virtual honeypot. This book details the process, highlighting how to confuse the attackers and to direct them onto the wrong path....

Ergonomic Operational Working Aspects of Forest Machines

Ergonomic forestry issues are extremely complex and multifaceted. The central questions in the ergonomics of forestry machines must also be applied in their development, design and construction processes. As such, it is essential to devote thorough attention to this issue and to carry out detailed analyses of all factors in order t...

Integrated Marketing Communication

This volume represents a valuable resource for students, academics (teachers and researchers), and practitioners in the field of integrated marketing communication (IMC). It provides a foundation detailing the principles, tenets and practices of IMC, before presenting a step-by-step process of preparing and executing the process fo...

Paradoxes of Management in Culture

This book discusses the problems associated with the development of musical art and education, with a focus on two interrelated facets of this. The first is the analysis and evaluation of the complex, and often contradictory, situations which occur in the establishment of new institutions of culture and art. The second aspect is re...

Reporting Non-GAAP Financial Measures

The use of alternative performance indicators (APMs) (also known as ‘Non-GAAP’ earnings) is a widespread phenomenon, and the increased reliance on APMs has recently triggered a strong debate among regulators, managers and investors on the nature of these ‘tailored’ earnings and on the economic reasons behind them. On one hand, APMs...

The Competitive Challenge of Emerging Markets

The most disruptive change to the world economy over the past half century has been the rise of so-called emerging economies, particularly the large developing markets of China and India. While initially appealing to Western business as lower cost production locations, these economies are now amongst the world’s leading markets for...

A Handbook of Leadership Styles

This book serves to provide a detailed exploration of the various leadership styles exhibited today. In order to better comprehend the organic link between styles of leadership, this book deals with almost all models of leadership and demonstrates how dynamic these forms of leadership actually are. It is an essential and extensive ...

A Journey in Social and Environmental Accounting, Accountability and Society

For those interested in scientific and practical debate about social, environmental and sustainable accountability, the present volume provides such a discussion at the international level, considering the different typologies of companies.There is one common factor between the gas and oil sectors, waste management, and the economy...

Scalability and Sustainability of Business Models in Circular, Sharing and Networked Economies

This book explores many key areas of business science and practice. It is mainly centred on the field of strategic management with a special focus on the concept of business models and the new dimensions of the economy. In terms of economic conditions, the book discusses the principles of the sharing economy, the circular economy, ...
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