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Business, Management and Accounting

Our Business, Management and Accounting collection at Cambridge Scholars Publishing comprises texts not just in these core areas, but also in strategic management, travel and tourism, marketing and administration, and hospitality. The collection will be a crucial touchstone for academics working across these areas, as well as to senior business leaders needing to keep pace with the latest developments affecting their own practice.

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Administrative Bloat in Higher Education

This book provides a detailed examination of the processes that lead to unsustainable growth of nonessential personnel in the modern university. It explores administrative bloat, a major contributor to the rising costs of a college education, comprehensively detailing its development through the examination of case studies. After d...

Management of World Heritage Sites, Cultural Landscapes and Sustainability

This book highlights the challenges and trends resulting from the relationship between tourist motivations, World Heritage Sites and local cultural uniqueness. With a special focus on Portugal and Brazil, several chapters refer to international cultural heritage experiences and destinations in Belgium, Cuba, Croatia, Italy, Japan, ...

The Golden Dawn of Italian Fashion

This is the first book written about Maria Monaci Gallenga (1880-1944), the enigmatic fashion artist and designer marginalized after decades of fortune and fame. The daughter of Ernesto Monaci, the illustrious philologist and mentor of Luigi Pirandello, Gallenga was the wife of Pietro Gallenga, a medical scientist related to the Ga...

3D Management, an Integral Theory for Organisations in the Vanguard of Evolution

If organisations are not working as well as they could, it is because they are still being managed by obsolete principles rooted in the Industrial Age. Until now, management has been a very one-dimensional discipline, in which only profits mattered. Having eyes fixed squarely upon the bottom line has endangered the planet, increase...

A Century of Italian American Economics

Through a historical analysis of the link between Italian American migration in the 20th century and the investigation of the minutes of the Board of Directors and the financial statements of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, this book provides a privileged observation point for the study of the economic relations between ...

Cultural Tourism and Heritage in Northern Portugal

This book presents a narrative of both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity is to develop routes of cultural tourism in the North of Portugal, while empowering and engaging communities in the protection of their cultural heritage. The challenge is promoting sustainable tourism, with an impact on economic growth, poverty ...

Development Engineering

This book details the development and evaluation of technological interventions designed to improve human and economic development within complex, low-resource settings, showing that a solution becomes an innovation when it reaches widespread use. The book shortens the time-gap between development and up-take of the intervention, e...

Leadership Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling or Supervision? One Way Is Not Enough

This book outlines a highly practical integrated approach to leader support which has been widely utilised across multiple sectors. In addition to outlining the varied modalities of one-to-one support (counselling, supervision, coaching and mentoring), it challenges the notion that such approaches alone can provide the individual w...

Costing for the Service Industry

A significant and innovative feature of this textbook is its detailed insights into the use of costing methodology for practical implications. It will serve to foster the reader’s analytical and critical thinking skills, and it highlights both traditional and the most current practices of costing methodology using real examples dra...

Benchmarking as a Foundation of the Future Economy

This book explores how to increase the efficiency of decision-making for enterprise management and increase its competitiveness based on mathematical modeling of the benchmarking process, predictive modeling of the dynamics of economic performance indicators, and the synthesis and selection of development strategies using software tools. It argues that, instead of mutually devouring competition, which is common in the modern world, the model of friendly cooperative benchmarking on the principle of ‘win-win’ is proposed for consideration. The advantage of this principle over the classic competitiveness one is proved through mathematical modeling and implementation of this approach in the activities of real companies, banks and industrial enterprises.
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