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Business, Management and Accounting

Our Business, Management and Accounting collection at Cambridge Scholars Publishing comprises texts not just in these core areas, but also in strategic management, travel and tourism, marketing and administration, and hospitality. The collection will be a crucial touchstone for academics working across these areas, as well as to senior business leaders needing to keep pace with the latest developments affecting their own practice.

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Overcoming Knowledge Sharing Barriers through Communities of Practice

Managing knowledge for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and for accelerating innovations is widely recognized as a major source of sustained competitive advantage. The growing importance of knowledge sharing has fostered the development of a growing body of research in different disciplinary areas and in diff...

Performance of Public and Private Mining Firms in India

The book examines three important research questions against the backdrop of increasing private sector participation in the Indian mining industry. The questions are: i) are private sector mining firms more productive than public sector mining firms? ii) do public sector mining firms comply with environmental regulations better tha...

Physiology of Organisations

Can we imagine organisations to be like human bodies? Modern medicine has advanced since the study of blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile was assumed to explain how the body functions. Organisational science today is in a similar mediaeval position, with fragmented theories of structure, competitiveness and human resources, a...

Proceedings of the “Synergise!” Biennial National Conference of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators

The Australian national association for the translating and interpreting profession, AUSIT, has been organising biennial conferences for the last decade. As they steadily grew in quality and importance, the time to share their proceedings with a global readership has arrived. For the first time, AUSIT is releasing in book format th...

Professional Ethics

This book is addressed to all those with an interest in the ethical dimension of professional development. Contributors are drawn from a variety of occupational fields (academic practice, healthcare, occupational therapy, legal, military, business, research, teaching, higher education, and civil engineering), institutional contexts...

Professional Morality and Guilty Bystanding

Work as center of life has such an important role in our lives; it bears a standard by which we measure our success. It is a major component of self-actualization and well-being. Professional life offers the hope of rewarding work, not just financially but work that is fulfilling. However, professions are also riddled with complexi...

Public Communication in the European Union

This book is a collection of essays that analyse and discuss EU information and communication policies and activities towards, with, by different publics developed both by the EU institutions at the European, national and local levels and by public organizations and civil society actors. Throughout six thematic parts, the authors e...

Research in Management Accounting

This book focuses on research in management accounting that uses Malaysia’s business environment as the scope of study. The motivation to embark on this publication was due to the recognition that although management accounting has received increasing interest from various organizations including government, businesses and educator...

Resource Curse Reduction through Innovation - A Blessing for All - The Case of Kuwait

Productive activity characterized the lives of the citizens of the Gulf prior to the discovery of oil. Innovation is a result of productive activity. During the periods of difficult and trying circumstances, Gulf countries tended to innovate to ensure the sustainability of their citizens and their culture. Consequently, business in...

Romania as a Tourist Destination and the Romanian Hotel Industry

By the end of the 1970s Romania tourism was blooming and the hotel industry appeared to be strong and healithy... That bright period is still vivid in the minds of several generations of Romanians including the present politicians, whi believed that foreign tourist did not forgot their time spent in Romania, experiencing its bveaut...

Shedding New Lights on Organisational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities

Research on organisational learning, knowledge and capabilities has indeed become one of the most fruitful and interesting areas in the field of management, and has not only improved our understanding of organisations, but also helped them to face the new challenges of our turbulent age. Are our organizations learning to face a new...

"Show us what you’ve got"

Research has shown that entrepreneurship has a positive impact on productivity and competitiveness. In the face of the recent global downturn, the service sector remains a dominant force continuously creating a wealth of new jobs. Within this service sector, owners/managers are persistently building their brand and bringing positiv...
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