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The Consumer Culture Theory of Brands

Brands are components of consumer discourse. Marketers create them as devices to sell their products or services. However, once brands are marketed, they belong to consumers, because the latter confer relevance or recognition upon them. Brand viability depends upon significance to consumers and their brand use. This book explains w...

Human Resource Management at the Crossroads

This book contains a selection of theoretical and empirical studies that highlight a number of complexities and challenges for Human Resource Management (HRM) in organizations. It serves to illustrate the difficulty in explaining the role of human resources and the complexities implicit in the management of people working together,...

The TOMS Effect

In 2006, the TOMS shoe company radically disrupted the for-profit business model, literally for good. In challenging what a money-making company could do with its earnings, TOMS incorporated a giving component within its business model, making giving intrinsic to each sale. For every pair of shoes sold, another pair would be given ...

Computer-Mediated Communication for Business

This collection is a guide to greater communication efficiency in both clarity and time-management for any professional or aspiring professional. It guides the reader through the ways in which communicating through technology rather than face-to-face can alter their perceptions of others and the perceptions others make of them. Eac...

Demand Articulation of Emerging Technologies

In today’s high-tech environment, we have to conceptualize a sophisticated translation skill that converts a vague set of wants into well-defined products. To do so, we must come to the concept of “demand articulation.” Marketing scholars have summarized that this concept is an important competency of market-driving firms. Most fir...

Taking Business Ethics Seriously

Of what does the “good life” consist? What do we owe each other? How should we distribute the product of our joint effort? For modern rationality, each of those timeless questions can be answered separately, and different disciplines have evolved to deal with them. This book presents a forceful, passionate argument against such com...

Corporate and Financial Intergenerational Leadership

Intergenerational predicaments of climate change, over-indebtedness and demographic aging of the Western world population put pressure on future generations. As such, this book explores how corporate and financial social responsibility can leverage intergenerational harmony. The concept of responsibility is shown to underlie the in...

Paradoxes of Management in Culture

This book discusses the problems associated with the development of musical art and education, with a focus on two interrelated facets of this. The first is the analysis and evaluation of the complex, and often contradictory, situations which occur in the establishment of new institutions of culture and art. The second aspect is re...

The Competitive Challenge of Emerging Markets

The most disruptive change to the world economy over the past half century has been the rise of so-called emerging economies, particularly the large developing markets of China and India. While initially appealing to Western business as lower cost production locations, these economies are now amongst the world’s leading markets for...

A Journey in Social and Environmental Accounting, Accountability and Society

For those interested in scientific and practical debate about social, environmental and sustainable accountability, the present volume provides such a discussion at the international level, considering the different typologies of companies.There is one common factor between the gas and oil sectors, waste management, and the economy...

Scalability and Sustainability of Business Models in Circular, Sharing and Networked Economies

This book explores many key areas of business science and practice. It is mainly centred on the field of strategic management with a special focus on the concept of business models and the new dimensions of the economy. In terms of economic conditions, the book discusses the principles of the sharing economy, the circular economy, ...

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of Economics and Management (CIREG 2016) Volume I

This book brings together papers presented at the 3rd Conference of Research in Economics and Management (CIREG) held in Morocco in May 2016. With a focus on the challenges of SMEs and innovative solutions, they highlight the contribution of researchers in the fields of business and management, with all their micro and macro-econom...
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