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Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of Economics and Management (CIREG 2016) Volume II

This book brings together papers presented at the 3rd Conference of Research in Economics and Management (CIREG) held in Morocco in May 2016. With a focus on the challenges of SMEs and innovative solutions, they highlight the contribution of researchers in the fields of business and management, with all their micro and macro-econom...

Responsible Business Professionals

This collection of essays explores contemporary reflections on responsible business knowledge and proactive management competences for the growing bilateral trade between India and other countries in the global context. It offers discussions on how responsible business professionals (RBPs) from multinational enterprises (MNEs) play...

Measuring Marketing and Brand Communications Performance

Under the contemporary business conditions of hyper-competition, incessant change and pressure for growth and profitability, better management of marketing budgets has become an imperative for companies. In addition, properly monitoring and measuring marketing and brand communication strategies and tactics has become a critical fac...

Managing Technology for Business Value

This book will appeal primarily to postgraduate business studies students who seek to better understand how to use technology to improve organizational performance. It provides insights into how technology can both positively and negatively influence the way we create, share, and act upon information and knowledge. Taking as a star...

The Corporation

This publication traces the corporate path to power and influence in the modern world, and explores whether corporations of the future will become superpowers in their own right or, like the dinosaurs, give way to superior forms. It examines how the emergence of empire-building firms in 16th century Europe gave way to the dominance...

New Communication Approaches in the Digitalized World

The collection of essays reviews, explores and reports on the state of the digitalized world and a number of communication issues. It is a readable, non-technical publication which offers a comprehensive presentation of communication issues, trends, data, and likely future developments in the digitalized world....

3D Management, an Integral Theory for Organisations in the Vanguard of Evolution

If organisations are not working as well as they could, it is because they are still being managed by obsolete principles rooted in the Industrial Age. Until now, management has been a very one-dimensional discipline, in which only profits mattered. Having eyes fixed squarely upon the bottom line has endangered the planet, increase...

A Century of Italian American Economics

Through a historical analysis of the link between Italian American migration in the 20th century and the investigation of the minutes of the Board of Directors and the financial statements of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, this book provides a privileged observation point for the study of the economic relations between ...

Development Engineering

This book details the development and evaluation of technological interventions designed to improve human and economic development within complex, low-resource settings, showing that a solution becomes an innovation when it reaches widespread use. The book shortens the time-gap between development and up-take of the intervention, e...
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