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Education Loan and Inclusive Growth

The book discusses the significance of the education loan as a tool for financing the higher education of students of all backgrounds in developing countries with special reference to India. The academic cost of providing greater access to higher education with emphasis on quality is disproportionately high in several developing co...

Emerging Business Theories for Educators and Practitioners

We believe that this book provides an excellent starting point for students to gain a greater appreciation of the range of issues that managers contend with in the business world. Each individual chapter offers valuable insight into a particular topic, yet in the aggregate, the book serves as a compendium for many of the emerging b...

European SME’s and Global Business

Globalisation has instigated huge changes in the competitive environment for business entrepreneurs, and both large and small firms now frequently operate in similar conditions. Most research studies in international business have tended to focus on the market growth and internationalisation of large-scale and multinational compani...

Experience and New Venture Performance

Is an entrepreneur’s previous experience relevant in predicting the success or otherwise of a new business venture? Common sense would suggest that this undoubtedly be the case. Current research suggests otherwise, however. As elucidated in this volume, a business founder’s prior experience can have either a positive or a negative ...

Explaining Financial Scandals

The explosion of the global financial crisis in 2007–08 reignited the urgency to reflect on the origins and causes of financial collapses. As the events in the above period triggered an economic meltdown that is still ongoing, comparisons with the Great Crash of 1929 started to abound. In particular, the externalities that a broad ...

From Critique to Action

This book illustrates the application of ethical thinking to business, management and computing. The authors are not professional philosophers but lecturers, researchers and practitioners based at Liverpool Hope University (LHU) and other international institutes, who have a particular approach that will appeal to pedagogic and sch...

From Critique to Action

This book is an updated version of the second in a series that illustrate the application of ethical thinking to business, management and computing. The authors are professional philosophers, teachers, researchers and practitioners, with a particular approach that will appeal to pedagogic and scholarly interests, as well as to more...

Frontiers of Distance Learning in Business Education

Distance education and online learning are interchangeable terms used to describe the delivery of educational content, whereby the student and the instructor are separated by geography, time, or both. Within the domain of business education, approximately one-third of all business schools offer online business programs, and many mo...

Globalization and Social Responsibility

Over the last decade the question of the relationship between organisations and society has been subject to much debate, often of a critical nature. The decade has seen protests concerning the actions of organisations, exposures of corporate exploitation and unfolding accounting scandals. At the same time ethical behaviour and a co...
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Government Policy and Critical Success Factors of Small Businesses in Singapore

One of the main economic players responsible for Singapore’s economic success is its small and medium-sized enterprises or SMEs. Their overall success has helped propel the country and its people forward. From economic policies to politics, Singapore is a planned and regulated economy. Singapore’s economic success story is actually...

How India Found its Feet

The economic growth of India during the decades of the 1990s and 2000s is well documented. There is, however, little available explanation for this growth and thus how this can be repeated. This book documents the unequivocal effort by some individuals and teams that fashioned globally competitive businesses during this short span ...
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Information and Communication Technology and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

The arrival of Information and Communication Technology may play a role in restoring competitiveness, since these technologies are also a factor in relaxing the constraints specific to SMEs. ICT makes a number of services possible in a large range of processes and transactions within and between companies. Internally, ICT applicati...
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