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The Future of Post-Human Culinary Art

Is culinary art really so exact that, as Delia Smith once wrote, “cooking is an exact art and not some casual game”? (BQ 2012) This exact view of cooking can be contrasted with an opposing observation by Tom Jaine, when he argued that, “if cooking becomes an art form rather than a means of providing a reasonable diet, then somethin...

The Holistic Egyptian Quality Management Approach “HEQMA”

While industrial organizations in developed countries around the world passed, and benefited from, numerous quality control phases, industrial organizations in Egypt often bypassed the quality control stage, moving straight to practicing quality management systems (QMS) without first verifying product quality. This has created a si...

The Home Entrepreneur Systems Model

Written in plain English, this easy to read book chronicles a PhD student’s journey of exploration into the lives of everyday people who describe themselves as home-base business operators. It is a must-read for anyone wanting to experience a step by step account of a research project utilising Grounded Theory methodology. From an ...

The Impact of the Subprime Crisis on Global Financial Markets, Banks and International Trade

With the occurrence of the US crisis, international focus has shifted from finance to financial stability. This book offers analyses of financial stability risk assessment at three main levels – namely international financial markets, banks and international trade – with the research being innovative, timely and much needed in term...

The Leadership Imperative

This innovative work combines the fields of e-tourism adoption and strategic management, and identifies the combination of antecedents of technology adoption by distilling factors to identify the key determinant of the adoption of the internet for sales and marketing purposes in small, owner-managed travel firms. While it focuses o...

Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Common Factors in a Term Structure Model

This paper is the first that completely studies dynamical and cross-sectional structures of bonds, typically used as risk-free assets in mathematical finance, on the independence of the common factors with the empirical copula. During the last decade, financial models based empirically on common factors have acquired increasing pop...

Women in the Modern Workplace

The primary focus of this research is to examine the process of venture creation among women in Ireland and the dynamics at play, which affect the nascent female entrepreneur as she embarks on this process. A fundamentally explorative study, this research addresses idea formulation, motivations for business start-up, the start -up ...

Interdisciplinary Insights on Fraud

This book fills an essential gap in the existing literature by analyzing fraud, and the weakening of ethical relations as parts of an overall global process, in an interdisciplinary, international and multidimensional perspective. It provides an in-depth analysis of fraud in its multiple facets, including financial fraud (most nota...

Crisis, Globalization and Governance

In these constantly challenging times, business practices that were once considered successful, applicable and rewarding are questioned by the implications of increased globalization. National, regional and international market crises have raised the barriers for a necessary implementation of practices related, but not limited, to ...

Social Economics and Entrepreneurship

In the context of recent changes in the economic and social spheres, one of the most important topics of interest for researchers is the analysis of the way in which social economics and entrepreneurship may be used as successful approaches in social work. This type of approach has seen a remarkable increase in popularity, and has ...

The Clusters Phenomenon in the Selected Central European Countries

This book presents the current results of research conducted in the area of clusters and cluster policy development in Central European countries with a focus on Poland, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Austria. It maps and compares the various conditions influencing cluster development in these selected countries from b...

Promoting Trade Competitiveness in Developing Countries

Globalization has had far-reaching consequences to both developed and developing economies, and will inevitably have potentially greater roles and impacts in the future. Developing countries stand to lose or gain from globalization, depending on how they marshal resources and manage the dynamics of globalization to their advantage....
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