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The Factors Shaping Entrepreneurial Intentions

This book is a combination of chapters exploring the entrepreneurial attributes of university students and specifically their intentions to become entrepreneurs. It provides detailed insights into the personal and environmental factors that affect university students’ decisions to establish their own businesses. The first six chapt...

Business Performance Measurement and Management

Measuring and managing the performance of a business is one of the main requirements of the management of any organization. This book introduces new contexts and themes of application and presents emerging research areas related to business performance measurement and management. It draws authors from all around the globe from a va...

Innovation in Financial Services

This book gathers together some of the most up-to-date thinking in the growing field of innovation in services and more particularly, in financial services. It explores the peculiarities of innovation in financial services firms and surrounding market players, discusses the open nature of the innovation process, and analyses its su...

Governance, Accountability and Sustainable Development

Many events that have marked the last few years – from the Arab Spring revolutions to the different collapses in the financial markets in the western world and the Euro Debt Crisis in Europe – all share the common issue of “Governance”. The various different types of media, especially social media, have contributed to the rapid spr...

A Clinical Guide to Organisational Health

Is your organisation healthy enough to survive and operate effectively? Popular organisational health checks generally focus on a company’s financial status and its ability to compete in the market. In the human body, healthy functioning of all the organs comes before addressing competitive fitness, and this should also be the case...

Study Manual on the Bases of Russian Law

This book provides for professionals, teachers and students involved in Russian law, by bringing together an overall and profound analysis of the process of the creation of business entities in the legal environment of the Russian Federation. The book will provide readers from a variety of backgrounds in legal studies with an under...

Resilient Territories

The capacity to adapt to external shocks, to resist negative impacts and to evolve to new socio-technical regimes has been increasingly studied in recent years by regional scientists in order to understand the dynamic conditions that create a “resilient territory”. Resilience is a notion imported from the study of ecological system...

Advanced Business Models in International Higher Education

The future of higher education depends on how managers respond to the challenge of rising costs, changing labour markets and new technologies. More people will follow some form of education programme in the next couple of decades than did previously in all of human history. Most of the capacity to accommodate this demand will be cr...

From Knowledge Management to Learning Organisation to Innovation

This book propagates the argument that innovation is heavily influenced by learning, which in turn is driven by knowledge. This means that extensive knowledge (as a basis for good knowledge management) is necessary for learning that is suitable for innovation. Since previous studies have not paid enough attention to determining whi...

Innovative Management Perspectives on Confronting Contemporary Challenges

In view of the prolonged financial meltdown and the resulting clash of socio-economic interests, both between nations and within societies, unforeseen challenges have to be met by contemporary managers. The current organizational, financial, political and social situation calls for innovative, out-of-the-box solutions, while also p...

Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This book consists of various chapters which focus on the wider contexts of management innovation, entrepreneurship, and human resource management practices. Furthermore, the contributions are authored by scholars from all over the world, allowing the book to adopt a truly global perspective. Innovation is, without doubt, the found...

Term Structure of Profit Rates of Sukuk

This book explores several non-traditional and under-researched fields in Islamic finance through its investigations into how the newly-emergent financial instrument Sukuk behaves in the broader field of finite-period financing and pricing in the market place. It provides readers with didactic information on the fundamental theorie...
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