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Picture of Case Studies in Communication about Sex

Case Studies in Communication about Sex

Editor(s): Janet MacLennan, Carey Noland, Danielle M. Stern
Contributors: Delyse Center, Gust A. Yep, danielle Stern, Mary Devitt, Stephanie Isaacs, Jennifer C Dunn, Mike Anderson,

Book Description

This exciting new textbook is a compilation of communication case studies that identify the most salient issues regarding communication about sex in relationships. The text provides a basis for developing tangible communication skills, clearer understandings of how interpersonal concepts and theories play into practice, and an examination of ideas not often considered by students. Understanding interpersonal communication elements of sexual relationships is an indispensable component of any model of an overall healthy human sexual development. Moreover, being able to transform such understandings into practice in relationships is a leap toward being able to have the kind of meaningful communication with sexual partners that can potentially improve relationships, encourage safer sex practices, highlight responsible family planning, and work against limits of gendered and cultured expectations related to sex and sexuality. Twenty-one case studies from leading researchers in sexuality from Communication Studies, Sex Science, English and Medicine focus on interpersonal communication, cultural aspects of sexuality, media influences, health, and dark side of communication while building communication skills about these difficult to discuss topics. Each chapter features a series of possible discussion questions and a reference list of the resources that were used as a knowledge-base for composing that case study.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-2373-9
ISBN-10: 1-4438-2373-2
Date of Publication: 01/10/2010
Pages / Size: 225 / A5
Price: £39.99


Carey M. Noland (PhD, Ohio University) is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Her research focus is communication about sex and health communication. She is the author of Sex Talk (Prager Publishers) and numerous journal articles that focus on sexuality.

Jimmie Manning (PhD, University of Kansas) is Graduate Program Director and Assistant Professor of Communication at Northern Kentucky University. His research focuses on social control and social support in relationships, usually in relation to sexual identity or sexuality. He has accrued over 40 publications over the past three years and was the winner of the 2010 Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Early Professional Award, based, in part, on his research exploring virginity pledges and sexuality in cross-sex friendships.

Janet MacLennan (PhD, Ohio University) is Associate Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras. Her teaching and research interests involve primarily intercultural and relational communication from an interpretive perspective.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-2875-8
ISBN-10: 1-4438-2875-0
Date of Publication: 01/05/2011
Pages / Size: 225 / A5
Price: £19.99