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The Philosophy of Chemistry

This volume connects chemistry and philosophy in order to face questions raised by chemistry in our present world. The idea is first to develop a kind of philosophy of chemistry which is deeply rooted in the exploration of chemical activities. We thus work in close contact with chemists (technicians, engineers, researchers, and tea...

The Biogenic Synthesis of Au, Pd and Pt Nanoparticles and Its Medicinal Applications

This book describes the biogenic and green synthesis of gold, palladium and platinum nanoparticles through a variety of methods. 80% of the world’s population use traditional medicinal plants as the primary form of healthcare. Biogenic nanoparticles are those particles which are synthesized by biogenic systems like plants, microbes...

Crystallography for Chemists

For the last fifty years, X-ray crystallography and allied methods have been one of the most important analytical techniques for chemical analysis. With improved equipment, computers, and programs, the time required for such determinations has been reduced from months to hours. However, crystallography has never found its way into ...

Fuel for the Future

We are currently facing a global problem caused by increasing levels of greenhouse gases, mostly derived from fossil fuels, resulting in climate change. Communities want an affordable and secure supply of power alongside emissions reductions. Coal electricity generation offers a secure and affordable supply, but, currently, this co...

The Paternò-Büchi Reaction

The book represents the most complete description of the scientific results obtained on a photochemical experiment described 110 years ago by the Italian scientist Emanuele Paternò. This detailed that the photochemical reaction between a carbonyl compound and an alkene gives a corresponding oxetane. This oxetane ring is present in ...

Innovative Mnemonics in Chemical Education

This book details formulae-based, time-economic, and innovative learning techniques in chemistry, which serve to help students grow an interest in chemistry, and memorise specific aspects of the subject. It highlights the limitations of conventional methods and solves them in innovative ways.The volume also provides different chemi...

Indian Uranium Deposits

This volume presents a comprehensive and systematic account of diverse types of Uranium (U-) deposits. It deals with the discovery and establishment of U-resources in a deposit by field- and laboratory-based geological, geophysical, petro-mineralogical and geochemical exploration. It also considers the drilling, mining and mineral processing of U-ore, its co- and by-products, and the creation of wealth from waste. The U-deposits discussed here are the granitoid-hosted and -sourced hydrothermal, unconformity-proximal, albitisation-related, palaeo-placer, sandstone and rare giant-size carbonate-hosted types.