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Childhood Studies

A small but growing collection, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Childhood Studies collection provides a platform for interdisciplinary and geographically varied work investigating the lives of children and young people. Encompassing leading research from sociologists, geographers, psychologists, and education professionals, these titles will be a touchstone for anyone interested in sharp analyses of the problems and possibilities of growing up.  

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Victims and Survivors’ Own Stories of Intrafamilial Child Sexual Abuse

In the UK today, it is estimated that nearly one in twenty children are subjected to sexual abuse, with the overwhelming majority being abused within the family environment. However, despite its prevalence, intrafamilial child sexual abuse remains largely shrouded in silence, shame and stigma.Taking a phenomenological approach, thi...

Revolutionary Nonviolence in Violent Times

This edited volume focuses on the evolving nature of peacebuilding. Chapters address important and timely questions, including how groups select their peacebuilding methods, whether any form of violence is acceptable, and the role of neoliberalism. Further, the contributions here, written from a variety of disciplinary perspectives...

Traumatic Experience and Repressed Memory in Magical Realist Novels

This book explores the close association between the literary representation of historical trauma and the alternative narrative form of magical realism, underscoring the role of memory, empathy and imagination. It discusses the potential of magical realism to give a literary representation to individual and collective trauma arisin...

Understanding Institutionalized Education

Currently, the school as an institution is faced with a number of controversial expectations on behalf of society and politics in view of its significance, effectivity, and instrumentality. Frequently applied tests and longitudinal studies should measure the performance level of our educational system constantly, but there is still...
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