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Childhood Studies

A small but growing collection, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Childhood Studies collection provides a platform for interdisciplinary and geographically varied work investigating the lives of children and young people. Encompassing leading research from sociologists, geographers, psychologists, and education professionals, these titles will be a touchstone for anyone interested in sharp analyses of the problems and possibilities of growing up.  

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Immigrants and Change

This book argues that a religious worldview or a religious subcultural identity as expressed by the theory of Moral Cosmology is only one of many subcultural identities that the immigrant utilizes in their assimilation to a new host environment. It offers two alternative theories – a multiple subcultural identity formulation and th...

Is Charity a Choice?

Debates on public policy in the United States are shaped, in part, by moral and religious commitments of individuals and communities. Heclo (2003) writes in Religion Returns to the Public Square, “Government policy and religious matters . . . both claim to give authoritative answers to important questions about how people should li...

Let’s Learn Together, Let’s Work Together

This volume explores some of the global challenges and possible solutions for transcultural health and social care, and includes a selection of papers that were presented at the 2nd European Transcultural Nursing Association International Conference, in June 2011. This collection explores some of the challenges and possible solutio...

Personal and Public Lives and Relationships in a Changing Social World

The field of personal life is a relatively new area of sociological study that seeks to understand the complexities of contemporary personal and social relationships. This includes exploration of the impact of social, economic, legal, and political change on personal experiences, opportunities, and life-styles. This ground breaking...
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