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Childhood Studies

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The play Manfred is one of Byron’s most famous and influential works. It established him throughout Europe as a bold, blasphemous genius. It inspired music by Tchaikovsky and Schumann, and was admired by, and influenced, Richard Wagner, whose uncle made one of its eighteen German translations.Going back to the primary manuscripts, ...

That Elusive Fountain of Wisdom

This tale follows fictitious characters as they journey in search of wisdom and the fulfillment of their objectives. Set mainly in the fascinating university town of Leuven, Belgium, it revolves around the personal, social, political and academic aspirations of visiting scholars in the town. Richard Gutierrez from the USA needs to ...
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Those Distant Shores

“Distant Shores” can mean various things. Literally, distant shores refer to one’s travel destinations. Figuratively, they represent human desires, ambitions, or goals. But “distant shores” also stand for the human yearning, imbedded in everyone, for final fulfillment. Such yearning makes human beings fundamentally restless. This w...
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Global Youth

Youth violence is not a unique phenomenon, and, in fact, youth have been plagued with challenges throughout the centuries that have placed them at risk of violent tendencies. These challenges include poverty, inadequate healthcare, limited educational opportunities, exploitation, gender inequality, substance abuse, mental health co...

Subtitling Today

Nowadays subtitling accomplishes several purposes; it is meant for diverse audiences and comes in many forms. This collection of innovative contributions explores these different manifestations, and offers a snapshot of the state of the art of a dynamic and ever-evolving field of study. This volume intentionally assembles essays th...

"Sharks and Sprats"

This book is based on reflexivity and offers a snapshot of migration from Poland to Ireland with a special focus on transnational migratory practices. It evidences how young people articulate and negotiate their identities and pathways through peer hierarchies during their second culture acquisition. This book has two purposes. The...

The Body in Autobiography and Autobiographical Novels

This volume explores a web of complex relationships between body and mind, discussing the efforts of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds to define, to achieve, or to reject the “normal”; and, in some cases, to put something else in its place. After considering the problems arising from other people’s perceptions of non-s...

Safe Computing for Emerging Economies

This book highlights the predicaments of the emerging economies of developing countries in the light of the digital divide between these countries and the more developed economies. Particularly, it underscores the dangers these economies face and how those assets may be secured or securely operated. The book delineates the present ...

British Children’s Adventure Novels in the Web of Colonialism

This book fills a remarkable void in literary studies which has escaped the attention of many researchers. It interrogates the extent to which nineteenth-century children’s adventure novels justify and perpetuate the British Imperialist ideology of the period. In doing so, it begins with providing a historical background of childre...

Digitising Early Childhood

Focusing on the digital lives of children aged eight and under, and paying attention to their parents and educators, this book showcases research findings from the UK, Denmark, Turkey, Indonesia and Australia. The authors’ disciplinary backgrounds are as diverse as their cultural contexts, and the volume brings together insights fr...

Teilhard’s Proposition for Peace

Teilhard de Chardin, called “the greatest prophet of this age”, intended to write a book called “The Book of Peace,” though he failed to do so. Instead, he went on sowing the seeds of peace throughout his writings. This book distills and presents the essence of the case Teilhard made for the cause of peace. There is no doubt that T...

Fascism and History

The term “fascism” or “fascist” appears with regularity in academic and lay accounts of past and contemporary politics. This volume deals with the term as a concept, and traces its evolution over almost a century, as it has been employed virtually every place on the globe. It has been applied to Xi Jinping’s China, Vladimir Putin’s...
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