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Childhood Studies

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The Death of Childhood

Written by an international expert on the effects of media on children, The Death of Childhood provides a fascinating—and sobering—look at what it means to grow up in America today. Following in the footsteps of Neil Postman, Marie Winn, and Mary Pipher, this riveting and heart-breaking book is an obituary to childhood, exploring i...
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Cultural Memory Studies

This volume provides an overview of theories of cultural memory that are intensively discussed in cultural studies and humanities disciplines such as history, sociology, literary studies, art history, and media studies. Cultural memory encompasses all rituals, institutions and practices through which communities establish their ide...

The Emotional Lives of Young People with Autism

This study questions the validity of the American Psychiatric Association’s definition of autism, and offers evidence that even non-verbal children have an emotional life. Drawing on data from a series of intimate interviews with the parents of children with autism from three different cultures, namely the UK, India and Taiwan, the...

Putting Sleep Problems to Bed

Parents will love and enjoy this informative guide to fixing sleep problems in children. It provides up-to-date, evidence-based behavioral treatment strategies, and is authored by highly recognized and established experts in the field of pediatric sleep medicine. It uses entertaining stories to show how sleep problems not only impa...
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Victims and Survivors’ Own Stories of Intrafamilial Child Sexual Abuse

In the UK today, it is estimated that nearly one in twenty children are subjected to sexual abuse, with the overwhelming majority being abused within the family environment. However, despite its prevalence, intrafamilial child sexual abuse remains largely shrouded in silence, shame and stigma.Taking a phenomenological approach, thi...

Revolutionary Nonviolence in Violent Times

This edited volume focuses on the evolving nature of peacebuilding. Chapters address important and timely questions, including how groups select their peacebuilding methods, whether any form of violence is acceptable, and the role of neoliberalism. Further, the contributions here, written from a variety of disciplinary perspectives...

Traumatic Experience and Repressed Memory in Magical Realist Novels

This book explores the close association between the literary representation of historical trauma and the alternative narrative form of magical realism, underscoring the role of memory, empathy and imagination. It discusses the potential of magical realism to give a literary representation to individual and collective trauma arisin...

Understanding Institutionalized Education

Currently, the school as an institution is faced with a number of controversial expectations on behalf of society and politics in view of its significance, effectivity, and instrumentality. Frequently applied tests and longitudinal studies should measure the performance level of our educational system constantly, but there is still...
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