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The Classics or ‘Classical Studies’ titles from Cambridge Scholars Publishing incorporate leading scholarship and reference works that cover the Ancient Near East, Classical Antiquity, Egyptology, Ancient Philosophy, History, Religion, Culture and Society, and Classical Languages and Literature. Our Classics books and Series titles feature innovative research and commentary from a range of highly influential authors in the field.

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Islands in the Sky

Homer provides an enormous challenge to the student; the potentialities of these lengthy texts are legion and the scholarship vast. The author has relied upon her knowledge of symbolic discourse to make a fresh study of the Odyssey, prioritising early neighbouring religions, their mythology, and shamanic practice. The latter has yi...

Lucian’s Dialogi Marini

Lucian, born in approximately 125 AD, was a prolific satirical author from the city of Samosata in the province of Syria, now Samsat in Turkey. He was, apparently, not a native speaker of Greek, and yet went on to become an instructor in rhetoric, with posts in Greece, Gaul and Rome, before finally becoming an administrator in Egyp...

Poetic Language and Religion in Greece and Rome

This volume contains twenty-five contributions adapted from papers presented at the International Conference on Poetic Language and Religion in Greece and Rome, held at the University of Santiago de Compostela on 31tst May – 1st June 2012.The book fulfils two principal aims: to highlight the impulse and continuity of a research fie...

P. Papinius Statius

Volume III of the present work on Statius' Thebaid and Achilleid is divided into two parts. The first part offers a sketch of the history of the textual transmission, a complete list of manuscripts, discussion of various previous editions, exposition of the views about the manuscripts which underly the present edition, and an ortho...
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