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Picture of Classics and Classicists

Classics and Classicists

Selected Essays, 1964-2000

Author(s): John Glucker

Book Description

This collection of articles published between 1964 and 2000 represents a panoramic view of Greek and Roman literature and philosophy, ranging from detailed discussions of texts to general literary and philosophical issues. It also delves into problems in the transmission of ancient works and their reception in modern contexts, including modern English literature.

These articles will appeal mainly to Classical scholars and students of ancient philosophy, as well as to lovers of literature and of the intellectual history of Western Europe. All articles have been republished in their original form, with an emphasis on basing every discussion firmly on the available evidence.


ISBN-13: 978-1-5275-4088-0
ISBN-10: 1-5275-4088-X
Date of Publication: 01/01/2020
Pages / Size: 396 / A5
Price: £64.99


John Glucker studied Philosophy, History and Classics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Classics at the University of Oxford. From 1964 to 1978, he was Lecturer in Classics at the University of Exeter, UK, and, from 1978 until his retirement in 2001, he served as Professor of Classical Philology and Philosophy at Tel-Aviv University, Israel. He is the author of Antiochus and the Late Academy (1978), a number of Hebrew books on ancient philosophy and philology, and about 150 articles on various aspects of ancient Greek and Roman literature and history and their afterlife in modern European literature. He is the co-editor of the collection of essays Greek into Latin from Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century (2012).

Amos Edelheit studied Philosophy and History at Tel-Aviv University (Israel) and received his PhD in 2007. In 2009 he was appointed as a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, Maynooth University, Ireland. He is the author of many articles, two monographs and one critical edition: Humanism, Theology, and Spiritual Crisis in Renaissance Florence: Giovanni Caroli’s “Liber dierum lucensium”. A Critical Edition with English Translation, Commentary and Introduction (2018).