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Picture of CoMa 2013

CoMa 2013

Safeguarding Image Collections

Editor(s): Hilke Arijs

Book Description

This book presents the proceedings of the “CoMa 2013: Safeguarding Image Collections” international conference held in Brussels, on 31 October 2013, and offers the reader not only a wide variety of subjects relating to the preservation of image collections, but also an overview of the different professions and practices involved in the preservation of photographic heritage.

The proceedings contain some practical examples illustrating how CEN regulations and generally accepted standards can be translated into daily management. Moreover, they transcend a purely scientific debate by also questioning the value and meaning of image collections, and by offering a base for anyone dealing with photographs to think about their long-term preservation.

Divided into four sections, the proceedings provide the reader with an overview of:

1) Theoretical questions relating to the meaning, value and impact of photographic collections;
2) Some examples of collection management practices, storage and exhibition of photographs;
3) Results of scientific research concerning the stability of photographic supports and their conservation treatments;
4) Digitization practices of image collections and new tools to assign content and value to historical photographs.

In addition to traditional conference papers, the book also includes essays on the future of photographic collections, written by established restorers and art historians.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-6818-1
ISBN-10: 1-4438-6818-3
Date of Publication: 01/12/2014
Pages / Size: 265 / A5
Price: £47.99


Hilke Arijs is an art historian and audio-visual preservation specialist. She has been working for the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA, Brussels) since 2007, where she is responsible for the collection of photographic materials and the digitization unit. She regularly carries out consultancy work on the long-term preservation of both analogue and digital-born audio-visual collections for archives, museums and other scientific institutions. She is involved in various European projects regarding digital sustainability, such as DCH-RP and PREFORMA, and is a member of several expert committees in this field. She also teaches workshops on the preventive conservation of photographic collections, including those organised by ICCROM. She is currently researching methodologies to improve the management of complex collections, and is a passionate advocate for the safeguarding of audio-visual collections. Her publications include "La photographie au service du patrimoine artistique" in Namur à l'heure allemande 1914-1918. La vie quotidienne des Namurois sous l'occupation (2010); "Hilke Arijs Answers Four Questions by Hans de Wolf Relating to Classic Photography" in Jeff Wall and the Crooked Path (2011); "Documentaire foto's en digitalisatie: een blik op wat ooit onzichtbaar was" in BRK-APROA / Onroerend Erfgoed Colloquium 2011: Het onzichtbare restaureren (2012).