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Computer Science

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Computer Science collection spans the entirety of contemporary research into computers and their everyday application. From graphics and AI to the design and development of software/hardware, the wide variety of titles in this collection will stimulate new research directions in the field of Computer Science while simultaneously serving as a touchstone for computer engineers.

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The Language of Art and Cultural Heritage

Communicating art and cultural heritage has become a crucial and challenging task, since these sectors, together with tourism heritage, represent a key economic resource worldwide. In order to activate this economic and social potential, art and cultural heritage need to be disseminated through effective communicative strategies. A...

Blockchain in Data Analytics

Blockchain technology facilitates a decentralized database where business is rendered transparent without the involvement of middlemen. The first use of this technology was its application in digital currency (bitcoin). However, other potential uses of blockchain are yet to be explored. It is expected to have a major impact on cybe...

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Mixed Reality has been part of our lives ever since we first started to dream of creative ways to comprehend information and concepts through actual and imaginative experiences. This book explores the latest research informing education design in virtual and augmented reality. By utilising numerous studies and examples, it describe...

Global Mobility Management for Next Generation Networks

This book provides a fresh look at the most recent evolution of mobility management paradigms for next generation networks. It covers the basic principles of mobility management, its underlying technologies and environments, and the reasons for specific architectural design choices. The book serves to de-construct the way that mobi...

Industrial Process Modelling with Mechanical Frequency Spectrum Data

Different industries use data analytics and the process modelling technique successfully in a variety of ways. These popular intelligent approaches improve the quality and quantity of production. This book focuses on the technique of soft-sensing based on spectral data with multi-source high-dimensional mechanical frequency in orde...

Neuroinformatics and Semantic Representations

This book proposes an approach to the analysis of information using a neural network based on neural-like elements and temporal summation of signals, which makes it possible to implement a structural approach to the analysis of information streams. Together with associative access to information, structural multilevel analysis enab...

Technomimetics versus Biomimetics

Nature has always been an inspiration to humans in terms of using minimum resources to produce maximum results, and in its ability to allow organisms to operate and fit the required environment. There are a number of challenges for humans attempting to mimic nature in this regard given the endless possibilities, such as in using te...

New Communication Approaches in the Digitalized World

The collection of essays reviews, explores and reports on the state of the digitalized world and a number of communication issues. It is a readable, non-technical publication which offers a comprehensive presentation of communication issues, trends, data, and likely future developments in the digitalized world....

The Global Bioethics of Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

Human annihilation has never been so easy. Artificial intelligence-guided genetic-engineered nanotechnology and robotics (AI-GNR) are widely recognized as our most transformative technological revolution ever, yet we do not even have a common moral language to unite our pluralistic world to prevent an AI apocalypse should this revo...

Mutual Linguistic Borrowing between English and Arabic

This book focuses on the lexical borrowing between English and Arabic, and offers historical background regarding the contact between these two languages. It sheds light on why and how both languages have come in contact, showing how the hegemony of the English language can be clearly seen in its impact on Arabic. Simultaneously, t...

Fundamentals of Information and Communication Technologies

This book covers the basic issues and principles of information and communication technologies. It explains the key theories, techniques and applications of this field for both academic and professional audiences. Beginning with an overview of information and communication networks and architecture, the text explores information th...

Human–Robot Interaction

This book introduces state-of-the-art technologies in the field of human-robot interactions. It details advances made in this field in recent decades, including dynamics, controls, design analysis, uncertainties, and modelling. The text will appeal to graduate students, practitioners and researchers in the fields of robotics, compu...
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