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Picture of Credit and Collections

Credit and Collections

A Business Perspective

Author(s): Michelle Dunn

Book Description

The credit crisis, high fuel costs, job losses, bankruptcies, foreclosures and the failing economy are all contributing to factories closing, job loss and business owners going out of business because they can’t get paid. Learn how to take specific steps and use positive action to streamline and maximize your credit management policies.

This book, Credit and Collections: A Business Perspective, is for businesses that have past due customers and need help collecting from them. It is for businesses who want to check their customer’s credit to limit credit risk and avoid bad debt.

Things that have worked in the past are no longer working; everybody’s credit has changed, everyone’s job situation has changed, people have lost their homes due to the economy or weather and the flow of our business cash has taken a hit. Credit and Collections: A Business Perspective will help anyone who has customers that owe them money and will give them specific steps and actions they can take to make effective collection calls that work. This book will show you how to check a customer’s credit and determine their credit worthiness before you extend credit to someone who may not be able to pay you. With this book you can protect your business and your bottom line by protecting your most important asset, your cash flow.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-4369-0
ISBN-10: 1-4438-4369-5
Date of Publication: 01/03/2013
Pages / Size: 99 / A5
Price: £34.99


In 1998, when Michelle Dunn was getting a divorce and had two small children, she started a collection agency from home, leaving her full time job six months later. Her agency did very well and grew over the next eight years until Michelle sold it in 2006 to write full time.

Michelle knew what business owners needed and had already written a couple of books that were selling well. “But it was still a huge leap,” she says, “I was a single mom with two sons.” She started putting together her ideas, set up an office in her home, and used the income from book sales to fund publishing more books.

That same year Michelle self-published four books and e-books before landing her first book contract with Entrepreneur Press to write The Ultimate Credit and Collections Handbook: The Check IS in the Mail. She then self-published a couple more business books before getting a book deal with John Wiley and Sons Publishing for her first hardcover book, The Guide to Getting Paid: Weed Out Bad Paying Customers, Collect on Past Due Balances, and Avoid Bad Debt.

Today, Michelle Dunn continues to write columns and books. She presents webinars and offers consulting, sharing how business owners can limit credit risk as well as informing them about how they can prevent bad debt, and collect from past due customers. To learn more, visit and