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Developmental and Educational Psychology

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Brain Development in Learning Environments

This volume is the most recent outcome in the field of bioeducational research, an emergent entanglement of study – opened by the main Author – encouraging the dialogue between education, psychology, neuroscience and biological sciences. The volume focuses on biodynamic perspectives, analysing the following themes: learning environ...

Changing Concepts of Childhood and Children's Literature

The varied collection of essays presented in this volume bridges the gap between continental and Anglo-American approaches to children’s literature, and discuss the state of the art of what is topical in children’s literature studies in Europe and the United States. Varied as the different subject areas under discussion are, consi...
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Dancing the Tao

Dancing the Tao: Le Guin and Moral Development takes an original approach to Ursula K. Le Guin’s work – speculative fiction, poetry and children’s literature – by considering her Taoist upbringing and then looking through the lens of moral development theorists such as Carol Gilligan and Mary Field Belenky, and psychologists such a...

Enriching the Lives of Children

Enriching the Lives of Children is an exploration of innovations in teaching and learning. The book reflects scholarship, synthesis and creativity as the author reviews decades of research and practice on educational and instructional reforms designed to enrich learning and life for children, through novel and stimulating experienc...
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Mind, Learning, and Knowledge in Educational Contexts

Bioeducational sciences are a broad field of study, uniting concepts from many disciplines (education, psychology, and neuroscience). At the heart of bioeducational sciences lie the fundamental questions of mind-brain and nature-nurture relationships linked to educational practical aspects. Bioeducational sciences may have three m...

Religious Attachment

Exploration of religious attachment from a psychodynamic perspective, this book provides a coherent and convincing account of the roots and characteristics of Christian women’s faith experience which will complement and, in some respects correct, existing accounts. Drawing on attachment theory as a conceptual framework, this book ...

Seductive Screens

Seductive Screens: Children’s Media—Past, Present, and Future describes the development of child media from its early beginnings on radio to the millions of postings on Facebook. The book explains the collision of economics, psychology, the needs of parents, and technology in creating the perfect storm for kid’s media growth. Many ...
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Self-Esteem and Foreign Language Learning

Self-Esteem and Foreign Language Learning deals with a topic which has been given surprisingly little attention in Second and Foreign Language Acquisition studies. Although there are several studies dealing with general education, this volume addresses the need to take self-esteem into consideration in the language classroom and ad...

Teaching and Learning Mathematics Together

Teachers of secondary mathematics are constantly being presented with new ideas about the teaching of mathematics in schools, ideas which often seem a long way from the reality of most mathematics classrooms. How can teachers bring these ideas into traditional classrooms where students are not necessarily that interested in mathema...
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