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Picture of East vs. West

East vs. West

Exploring International Development

Author(s): Hugh Dang, Brad Gilmour, Jennifer Ma

Book Description

This book explores international development, contrasting the Eastern and Western experiences. It shows that, in the East, the Chinese experience has, in recent years, become shorthand for economic development and internationalization. China continues to build its society on an agricultural basis while simultaneously adapting to technological and institutional innovations.

The volume highlights that, in global societies, both capitalistic and communistic, the nature of innovation has increasingly come to influence individual and common lives. It traverses the architecture journey in India, and bestows a clarity on the directions still to be taken.


ISBN-13: 978-1-5275-3555-8
ISBN-10: 1-5275-3555-X
Date of Publication: 01/09/2019
Pages / Size: 261 / A4 portrait
Price: £68.99


Hugh Dang is an economist and Managing Editor of Transnational Corporations Council of Studies Series. He graduated from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Carleton University, Canada. His research interests and practices are related to Asia-Pacific agricultural and biotech policy and international development, internationalization and globalization, transnational corporations and investment issues. His publications include Karl Marx at his early age: A Critical Biography (1988), The Intellectual Crisis in American Public Administration (1995), and China and the United States: Two Superpowers in the Global Economy (2018).

Brad Gilmour is an Asia Pacific Foundation Distinguished Fellow and the Principal and Lead Analyst for Mouralea Consulting. He has more than three decades of government, think-tank and business experience in the Asia Pacific, and has served on Trans-Pacific committees addressing challenges and opportunities within the region’s resource sectors. He also led a team of agri-food and resource specialists that built an analytical model of China’s resource and agri-food sectors to strengthen the OECD’s and FAO’s existing tools.

Jennifer Ma is Assistant Editor and Manager at Ottawa United Learning Academy, Canada. She mainly works on culture- and education-related training. She has previously worked at Beijing Polytechnic University, and spent time as a Visiting Scholar at Canada National Research Council. She has published a large number of research papers, as well as a monograph.