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Economic Systems

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The Age of Unproductive Capital

This book offers a very direct and readable analysis of the main challenges facing our societies today, such as reducing inequality, protecting the planet, and in particular mobilizing our financial resources which linger in tax havens and feed speculation, instead of funding the sustainable development we need. It precisely consid...

Democracy, the State and the Market

This volume discusses the history of the formation of the ideas of freedom, and different approaches to economic liberalism and their consequences on policy decisions and democracy. It then moves on to look at the relationship between democracy (meant as the collective legislator), the State (as the leading player in welfare and in...

The Economy of Russia and Other Post-Soviet Countries

This volume offers analyses of the basic tendencies and the problems of Russia, Eastern Europe, Transcaucasia, Central Asia, and the Baltic states. It covers the Russian economic model; the rates and proportions of the Russian economy; its real, financial, external, and social sectors; investment and fixed assets; human capital; an...

Democracy and Economy

This text presents a detailed history of democracy, while also considering the modern methodological tools of economic history, institutional economics, and political, social and behavioural sciences, to explain why and how democracy was created, how it evolved and how it progresses. The book provides answers to a number of questio...

Voting in Context

The economy is a key issue in every national election, and the US election of 2020 is no exception. Candidates campaign on economic miracles, but without context it can be difficult to distinguish the ideas that lead to a strong economy from those destined to fail. This book provides a concise guide to deciphering candidate proposa...
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