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Economics, Econometrics and Finance

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Economics, Econometrics and Finance books span the entirety of these broad and complex fields, encompassing titles on the connections between economics and business, development, law, history, labor, and health. We also publish a range of introductory and methodological texts in these areas, ensuring that the collection is a vital reference point for economists, academics, and students alike.

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International Handbook of Forest Therapy

The first International Handbook of Forest Therapy defines the scientific domain of this innovative, evidence-based and timely public health approach. More than 50 authors from around the world are brought together to offer their expertise and insights about forest therapy from a variety of research perspectives. The theoretical di...

Public Theology and Institutional Economics

This book shows why, in our modern society, many important questions in our public debates urge for attention to be given to questions about economy, and why religious thinking gives unexpectedly relevant perspectives on these. Neither economy nor religion is a private matter. Our daily life and personal decisions about lifestyle a...

Taking Business Ethics Seriously

Of what does the “good life” consist? What do we owe each other? How should we distribute the product of our joint effort? For modern rationality, each of those timeless questions can be answered separately, and different disciplines have evolved to deal with them. This book presents a forceful, passionate argument against such com...

The Existential Foundations of Political Economy

This volume argues that economic thought has long been shaped by deeply human forms of attachment, anxiety, desire, fear of suffering and death, and even historical speculation about the ultimate destiny of humanity. Starting in the 17th century, modern economics began to incorporate patterns of speculation and rhetoric that mirror...

US Policy toward Chile in the 1970s

This book provides a detailed analysis of the bureaucratic politics of US foreign policymaking with respect to Chile during the 1970s. On the basis of original interviews with key officials from the Nixon, Ford and Carter administrations, congressional staffers, human rights activists, and Chilean opposition figures during the Pino...

Corporate and Financial Intergenerational Leadership

Intergenerational predicaments of climate change, over-indebtedness and demographic aging of the Western world population put pressure on future generations. As such, this book explores how corporate and financial social responsibility can leverage intergenerational harmony. The concept of responsibility is shown to underlie the in...

Does Energy Cause Ethnic War? East Mediterranean and Caspian Sea Natural Gas and Regional Conflicts

The Caspian Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean are two regions with abundant energy resources. Their gas routes to Europe intersect and actors, exporters, pipeline owners and operators, transit states and downstream customers are connected to one another in a web of political and economic interdependencies. More significantly, these...

Selected Issues on Current International Economics and Macroeconomics

This collection of essays provides a readable, non-technical publication which offers a comprehensive presentation of international economics and macroeconomics issues, trends, data, and likely developments. Readers will learn about Industry 4.0, immigration, productivity and monetary policy, among other pressing topics....

Disruptions in Economic and Social Polity

Capitalism is in crisis today, while the neoliberal economic model that has been pursued in order to move out of the crisis has also not succeeded. There are also major disruptions in both economic and social polity, and uncertainties due to change and conflict within social relations. This book analyses these issues from a global ...

Integrated Marketing Communication

This volume represents a valuable resource for students, academics (teachers and researchers), and practitioners in the field of integrated marketing communication (IMC). It provides a foundation detailing the principles, tenets and practices of IMC, before presenting a step-by-step process of preparing and executing the process fo...

Liberal Arts Perspectives on Globalism and Transnationalism

As international trade and economic activities expand, online technologies spread, and restless populations shift across international boundaries, reactionary movements have sprung up around the globe. These reactionary forces, which include nationalism and populism, have exposed many blind-spots of ongoing globalization projects. ...

Modelling Consumer Financing Behaviour in China

Breaking the bottleneck of SME financing and promoting consumption by lifting consumer credit have become an important way to realize the transformation from wholesale finance to retail finance in China. This book puts the focus on consumer financing, introducing the financing situation, constraints, preferences, and representative...
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