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Economics, Econometrics and Finance

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Economics, Econometrics and Finance books span the entirety of these broad and complex fields, encompassing titles on the connections between economics and business, development, law, history, labor, and health. We also publish a range of introductory and methodological texts in these areas, ensuring that the collection is a vital reference point for economists, academics, and students alike.

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Human–Robot Interaction

This book introduces state-of-the-art technologies in the field of human-robot interactions. It details advances made in this field in recent decades, including dynamics, controls, design analysis, uncertainties, and modelling. The text will appeal to graduate students, practitioners and researchers in the fields of robotics, compu...

John P.L. Roberts, the CBC/Radio Canada, and Art Music

This book examines the impact of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Société Radio Canada (CBC/SRC) on the development of art music in Canada during the broadcaster’s first fifty years (1936-1986). In so doing, it investigates the achievement of one man: John Peter Lee Roberts. Born in Australia, he arrived in Canada in 1955, and...

Political Reform in Taiwan and the International Human Rights Regime

This collection of essays brings together several papers published by the author in the past 45 years, arranged chronologically, so the reader will follow the unfolding development of the author’s thinking on the issues discussed here. The essays primarily investigate the political reform promoted by intellectuals and the professional classes in Taiwan beginning in the 1970s and the introduction of an international human rights commission in the 1990s. The latter is here analysed under three headings: the creation of a national human rights commission; the drafting and review by foreign experts of the national reports on two international human rights covenants; and the handling of transitional justice.This book will be useful for historians and social scientists of 20th century Taiwan, as well as anyone interested in contemporary politics in the state.

The Growth-Oriented Economic Policy of the EU

Growth is slow in the EU, but growth potentialities remain high, in spite of the exit of the UK and in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we can observe a disparity between reality and potentialities. Does the persistent difference between expected and real benefits mean that the EU integration model is not working? No. It continues to be effective, because it is rule-based. However, these rules are not enough to grasp all the potentialities of integration. We need a better-integrated single European market and a more open trade policy, in the framework of health, security, safety, energy, environment and labour standards, establishing the rules of the competition, but leaving the economic agents free to act.The book explores Brexit, capital markets, energy, health and bilateral trade policies with the main European partners, in the light of their effects and contribution to European growth. It emerges that this huge trade block is vital but must find the political capacity to move towards a closer integration, to close the gap between reality and potentiality. The text will appeal to a public interested in the economic problems of the EU, and will be of interest to policy makers and all those who are involved in the process, from proposals to decisions, of making a more integrated Europe.
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