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Editorial Advisory Board’s ‘Recommended Read’ - July 2015

This July, our Editorial Advisory Board member Professor Richard Cogdell has chosen his ‘Recommended Read’: one of our best-selling titles, noteworthy for the contribution it makes to its field. Richard holds the Hooker Chair of Botany at the University of Glasgow, and is also the Director of the Glasgow Biomedical Research Centre, the Director of the Research Institute of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology, and the Deputy Head of the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences.

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Professor Richard Cogdell’s ‘Recommended Read’:

Environment and Ecology in the Mediterranean Region II

Editors: Recep Efe and Munir Ozturk.

Ecology and its relationship with the environment are taking on an increasingly important role in today's world, and this book examines this relationship from a number of different aspects including: social changes in new life environments, recreation and tourism based on natural resources, and water scarcity and adaptation in agriculture.

“It is clear that mankind’s activities are affecting our environment, often adversely. The first step in trying to mitigate these problems is to be able to document what is changing. This very interesting book is an important contribution in this regard. It has a collection of chapters that cover a detailed description of the environment in the Mediterranean region, including its geology, ecology, plant diversity and water resources, and how these have been and continue to be influenced by such human related factors as agriculture, tourism and, indeed, the development of human civilisations and more general socioeconomic factors. I found chapters 23 and 24 particularly interesting and disturbing. The problem of maintaining sufficient clear water supplies is one of the major environmental challenges facing the sustainability of our species. These two chapters describe this problem vividly. I hope they will stimulate the appropriate political responses to begin to restore water quality to a satisfactory level. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and can strongly recommend it to readers interested in environmental and ecological issues.” 

For further information on Professor Cogdell, please click here.

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