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Editorial Advisory Board's Recommended Reads - August 2014

This August, three of our Editorial Advisory Board members, Professor Tony Eccles, Professor Luiz Moutinho and Professor Jon Nixon have chosen their ‘Recommended Reads’: a handpicked selection of our best-selling titles, which are noteworthy for the contribution they make to their field.

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Professor Tony Eccles’s ‘Recommended Read’:

Innovative Business Practices: Prevailing a Turbulent Era

Editors: Demetris Vrontis and Alkis Thrassou

The 22 Chapters of this well-edited book contain an array of intriguing and illuminating findings on a range of innovative business practices, which scholars will find of considerable use. Topics range through succession effectiveness, sustainable tourism model development and knowledge hybridization – all of which are significant value to researchers and practitioners in a variety of fields."

Professor Luiz Moutinho’s ‘Recommended Read’:

Tourism Marketing: On Both Sides of the Counter

Editors: Metin Kozak, Luisa Andreu, Juergen Gnoth, Sonja Sibila Lebe and Alan Fyall

"This book entails a good collection of research studies in tourism and hospitality, ranging from Tourist Experiences and Satisfaction, to Destination Image and Branding. It is a tidy, robust, and scholarly publication. It contains good facets of advancement of knowledge in areas such as co-creation, environmental consumption, information asymmetries and agent-based modelling. With respect and the permission of the Editors, I would expect that future volumes will incorporate even more seminal thinking, both conceptual and methodological (e.g. networked narratives, ethnographic mimicry, biometrics, generalised linear methods, multi-criteria decision-making models and evolutionary algorithms). Nonetheless, this remains a commendable scholarly effort within a good academic remit."

Professor Jon Nixon’s ‘Recommended Read’:

Equalities and Education in Europe: Explanations and Excuses for Inequality

Authors: Alistair Ross, Melinda Dooly and Nanny Hartsmar

"This book invites us to reconceptualise inequality – and policy responses to inequality – with reference to educational attainment across Europe. It argues that many of those policy responses are based on false or misleading premises and proposes a radical reorientation towards policies based not on equality of opportunity, but on equality of outcome. It offers a reasoned critique of current educational policy while refocusing the debate on to the causes and underlying conditions of inequality. I recommend it to all those with a commitment to developing a fair and equitable system of educational provision within and across the national regions of Europe."

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