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Editorial Advisory Board's Recommended Reads - July 2014

This July, three of our Editorial Advisory Board members, Professor Pierpaolo Andriani, Professor Sylvia van de Bunt-Kokhuis, and Professor Jonathan Winterton, have chosen their ‘Recommended Reads’: a handpicked selection of our best-selling titles, which are noteworthy for the contribution they make to their field.

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Professor Pierpaolo Andriani’s ‘Recommended Read’:

Innovations and Entrepreneurs in Socialist and Post-Socialist Societies

Authors: Jouko Nikula and Ivan Tchalakov

“This book offers a rich and unbiased source of material for scholars interested in the transition from socialist to market-oriented economies in Eastern Europe. Departing from conventional thinking, the authors show that under the apparent homogeneity imposed by communist parties, local institutional diversity enabled experiments in entrepreneurship. The book discusses the chaos that followed the collapse of the socialist order, with the sometimes senseless destruction of valid organisations and technological competencies. It also discusses new organizational forms that are being created in the former socialist countries. This study is an important tool in making sense of one of the most important socio-economic transformation of the last decades.”

Professor Sylvia van de Bunt-Kokhuis’s ‘Recommended Read’:

Leading for the Future

Author: Steve Lambert

“This book gives an innovative view on sustainable leadership for Further Education, providing an in-depth analysis on the required management qualifications and recruitment of principals. It also offers a toolset for professionals working on the sustainable future of Further Education, although primarily focused on the UK. In a follow-up study, the emerging field of online learning and online leadership would be a natural step to enhance sustainability of principals in 21st century Further Education. Worldwide linkages with academic networks e.g. the International Leadership Association (ILA), the Greenleaf Foundation, WCCES, EURAM, and the Academy of Management, would give this valuable study global wings.

Professor Jonathan Winterton’s ‘Recommended Read’:

Vulnerable Workers and Precarious Working

Editors: Malcolm Sargeant and Martina Ori

"This collection of papers from a 2012 conference in London offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of vulnerable workers and precarious work, usefully interpreted both in terms of labour market insecurity and exposure to unsafe working conditions. These debates are increasingly relevant in the unfolding crisis and associated restructuring, where precarious work is becoming the norm. Further studies of these important issues are needed, particularly action research seeking to limit insecurity and eradicate dangerous work. Until we make progress in this area, the Lisbon Strategy and Europe 2020 slogan of 'more and better jobs' will continue to have a hollow ring."

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