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Editorial Advisory Board's Recommended Reads - March 2014

This March, two of our Editorial Advisory Board members, Professor Victor Merriman and Professor Emeritus David Weir, have chosen their ‘Recommended Reads’: a handpicked selection of our best-selling titles, which are noteworthy for the contribution they make to their field.

We are offering 50% discount on Victor and David’s picks. As a bonus, every reader who orders one of the ‘Recommended Reads, will also receive a free best-selling title in a related subject area. 

Professor Victor Merriman’s ‘Recommended Read’:

We Are What We Remember: The American Past Through Commemoration. 

Editors: Jeffrey Lee Meriwether and Laura Mattoon D’Amore

“America’s self-image – how it is created, sustained, and deployed – matters greatly to everyone on the planet. The editors have assembled an exciting combination of established and emerging scholars, who address well-chosen topics with impressive expertise and style. Perhaps unexpectedly, given the scholarly quality here, many chapters are real page turners, offering insights into practices that create ‘a past that is always already tainted with its present moment’. It is a particularly timely and provocative exploration of what is in play and what is at stake as European states embark on a protracted period of commemoration of World War I.

Professor Emeritus David Weir’s ‘Recommended Read’:

Worlds Apart? A Postcolonial Reading of post-1945 East-Central European Culture

Author: Cristina Şandru

“At the immediate time of this present crisis involving the Ukraine as an independent country facing partition or invasion at the hands of a dominant neighbour, it is tempting to revert to the Binary Certainties of the Cold War. It is the great merit of Sandru’s impressively scholarly analysis that it eschews such simplicities and elaborates the multiple and diverse roots of culture and politics. For those wishing to go beyond the simplistic polarities of rhetorical politics and understand the bases for innovative mediation and potential reconstruction, Sandru’s book is a must-read.”

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