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Cambridge Scholars Publishing's Education books raise vital questions about the future of education, as well as exploring its historical context. Key titles offer practical advice on teaching and academic writing, with particular focus placed on language teaching and assessment. Spanning all levels of education, the diverse range of international contributors across our educational publishing titles provide valuable insights into this key discipline.

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Administrative Bloat in Higher Education

This book provides a detailed examination of the processes that lead to unsustainable growth of nonessential personnel in the modern university. It explores administrative bloat, a major contributor to the rising costs of a college education, comprehensively detailing its development through the examination of case studies. After d...

Pedagogical Approaches to Intercultural Competence Development

Globalization has triggered an increased need to extend linguistic and cultural awareness into action from our daily encounters to our professional interactions. As our communities continuously grow into linguistically and culturally rich environments, so, too, should our pedagogical and research approaches. Specifically, this volu...

Pedagogies of Difference and Desire in Professional Learning

Social media form an increasingly important aspect of the lives of professionals in many occupations, both as opportunities to acquire and exchange information and as places to find or create a supportive community. In much of the existing writing on professionals’ use of social media, there is a tendency to adopt either a position...

Astrobiology for a General Reader

This book implements several outstanding features which are helpful to the general reader. It is organized in the form of a ‘Questions and Answers’ guide, an approach unique in the field of astrobiology. The questions and answers are linked in a conversation-like style, with each new question following from the previous answer. The...
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