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Cambridge Scholars Publishing's Education books raise vital questions about the future of education, as well as exploring its historical context. Key titles offer practical advice on teaching and academic writing, with particular focus placed on language teaching and assessment. Spanning all levels of education, the diverse range of international contributors across our educational publishing titles provide valuable insights into this key discipline.

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Reflective Intercultural Education for Democratic Culture and Engaged Citizens

Given the economic, social and historical changes of recent years, education today needs a re-thinking of its methodologies and goals. This book presents an innovative approach to language and culture teaching and learning in a context of full-immersion: EUFICCS (European Use of Full-Immersion, Culture, Content and Service) . Only ...

The Dynamics of Changing Higher Education in the Global South

Today, there are generally universities in Africa rather than ‘African universities’. The legitimacy of the university in Africa is under serious questions now because of its complicity in racism, patriarchy, sexism, colonialism, capitalism, genocide, epistemicide, linguicide, culturecide, and alienation. In other words, the univer...

University Curriculum Transformations in Context

Globally, education systems and schools seek to strengthen their competitive positioning through curriculum policy transformations. These take place as a result of ideological shifts and policy flows, as well as networks between global and local levels, leading to radical changes in curricula.Australia is no exception to this gener...

Zero for Parents and Teachers, or (Almost) All You Need to Know about Mathematics for Young Children

Zero for Parents and Teachers, or (Almost) All You Need to Know about Mathematics for Young Children is a book for people who feel nervous or uncertain about teaching maths to young children. If you are anxious and confused about the subject this might just be the book you are looking for!It covers all the basic topics young childr...
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