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This study examines the influence of John Calvin in ethics eschatology and education, as well as those influences that affected him. It examines his writings to determine if his vision made him an innovator. The research searched for reforms in the areas of ethics, curriculum, understanding of the teaching office, and universal ed...

Carver Across the Curriculum

Raymond Carver’s canonical status is secure: his short stories appear regularly in all of the major literary anthologies, and his fiction and poetry are taught at universities around the world. Despite this, there are few instructional aids to teaching Carver's work at university level, and none that take into account the interdisc...

Catholic Education

This collection of essays is concerned with the Catholic Church’s understanding of the nature of human flourishing and the processes of education that flow from it.Each essay seeks, in its own way, to explore, illustrate and provide insights into the application of Catholic education policy and practice in differing socio/legislati...

Children and Childhoods 1

The early years of life are fast gaining prominence around the world. It is well documented that investment in early childhood results in exceptionally high returns in multiple arenas; greater than those resulting from enterprise focused on later periods in people’s lives. This book presents current early years research that reflec...

Children, Their Schools and What They Learn on Beginning Primary School

This research is a pioneering study in comparative education in the context of Cameroon in particular, and Africa in general, which highlights present-day school and classroom instances of language socialisation as instantiating Anglophone and Francophone education traditions in their representation of the British and French educat...

Classrooms and Playgrounds

What is schooling in our contemporary societies? Is it to equip students for functioning in an information culture and to develop skills that would enable them to become productive agents in a fast globalizing world? Or is it to develop the capability to think and analyze? Mapping the complex transitions that mark primary education...

Cocoon Communities

Filling a gap in the literature on communities, this innovative and critical volume proposes the concept of Cocoon Communities. Cocoon communities are highly significant for its members and yet not binding. Membership is voluntary and informal. Weaving together interdisciplinary perspectives, the contributors offer theoretical pers...

Communication and Information Technology in (Intercultural) Language Teaching

The topic of this book is in congruence with the current trends in foreign language education worldwide. On the one hand, it tackles the concept and implementation of intercultural language teaching; on the other, it analyses the circumstances in which information and communication technology may be utilised in the contemporary EFL...

Community College Finance

This book explores resource development at Mississippi’s Community and Junior Colleges. It determines whether revenue generated from fundraising adequately serves the colleges’ needs. It looks at the various types of fundraising activities used to raise funds as well as the operational integration and organizational structure of re...

Confessional Theology?

Christian confessions are usually seen as statements of faith which has no relationship with politics. The result is a tendency to view these documents as theological but not political. This study discusses this misconception but adds that although these documents are not to be perceived as political per se, that they can nonethele...

Conflict Resolution and the Scholarship of Engagement

As the field of conflict analysis and resolution continues to grow, scholars and practitioners increasingly recognize that we can learn from one another. Theory must be informed by practice and practice must draw on sound theory. Above and beyond this lies a further recognition: without at least attempting to actually engage and tr...
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Constructing Capacities

Constructing Capacities: Building Capabilities through Learning and Engagement explores several contemporary manifestations of individuals, groups and communities participating in varying types of learning and thereby engaging effectively and productively with their contexts and environments in order to build and develop their mult...
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